How long is too long???

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In our society today we really are impatient we want to do everything fast fast and now now. So many of us want to do things really fast, most especially in relationships.
We need to understand that patience is a virtue when you want to start your own home. I have seen so many scenarios where people who were so much in a haste to get married crash landed just few years into their marriage. It is important that you take your time and make sure your not getting married because of undue societal pressures. Marriage is an important issue and its sacred it is not something you enter into lightly or without adequate preparation.

There is this love story that i have learnt a lot from, its the story of Jacob and Rachel. Mr Jacob loved Rachel he wanted to marry her but Mr Laban who happened to Rachel's dad said that he had to work for 7 years to get her. Those years seemed like a few days to him because he love Rachel greatly.
Let's be sincere to ourselves how many of us can wait patiently for seven years to get a woman. We might say things like 'is she the only woman in the world' for real but this man waited patiently. Am so sure that on his wedding day he was so happy and joyed that at last he was going to have her as a wife.
  On the day of his wedding her elder sister was given to him instead. Dont blame the young man blame it on tradition that the woman had to be veiled through out the ceremony. Chai!! His father inlaw is a cheat, he didn't do things as they agreed. This situation required the man to wait after one week of marrying her elder sister and got married to Rachel. Finally right!!!! But he still had to work for another seven years if not Rachel would have been taken away from him.

This story is quite fascinating and it is a story that triumphed over so many trials and tribulations. How long can you wait before you say 'i do'? How patient can you be with your inlaws who dont seem to see the good in you? How long can you be patient to understand him or her?
It is important we test things to time.  Take your time to work together, pray together and have a great communication. The last thing any one will want is to wake up in the morning after your wedding and realised you have made a terrible mistake. So many marriages fail because of issues that were neglected before the wedding. Kindly do not over look things. Godly marriage is a lifelong covenant. Pray well and also talk well.

On another note its 5 days to my birthday. Yayy!!!!

Counting my blessings.

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  1. Testing things to time. It has help me over the years. Tnx Gabby for reassuring me through God's word. Love is indeed patient, I wld wait.

  2. Testing things to time. It has help me over the years. Tnx Gabby for reassuring me through God's word. Love is indeed patient, I wld wait.

  3. Hhhhmmm! Nice one lepa! But am curious to learn some of these issues that you refer to in this article that most people neglect before marriage so one could learn from them. Though marriage is actually worth waiting for the right time and right person for.

    1. Yes, kelly will do a post about it soon..jst keep coming back..

  4. Nice write up! I strongly believe dat wat will be, will be! We don't need to forcefully possess what is rightfully ours...only time will tell!

  5. That is true..some of us want to forcefully possess wat is ours already..

  6. Nice write up sister. Happy birthday in advance. Stay blessed.

  7. Great write-up from erudite inspiration. We shud always pray and seek God's direction in order to know when to wait and when to run, with it we will never be mislead.



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