Say NO to Heartbreak #2

2:45 pm

This a continuation of my previous post if you missed it click here.

5. Define your relationship: It is a common thing for guys to walk up to girls and express their desire to be with the other. Ask them this question 'to be with me as what? Some of them will start doing merry-go-round with English. My dear, its important that the purpose of a relationship is said from the very beginning. At least if you both are playing with yourselves it will be defined, if you are going somewhere definite like getting married, good for you. An undefined relationship is a big root cause of heartbreak. I have seen issues with ladies who have been in relationships for years just for Le Boo to wake up one morning to say 'we were just dating after all i never promised you marriage'. Sorry love such is life, you will be wiser, next time i promise you.

6. Give your heart to God first: The most important thing to do in life is to give your life and all to God. When you realize the depth of love that God has for you His love will be all that matters to you. When you have understood the kind of love that God has for you, it will be easier for you to notice fake love or lust. Gods love is all about action, He loved us and He gave His only posession. Love is not all about emotions and words, its about actions and its an investment. Ok let me stop here. Will write a post on Gods kind of love soon.
7. Love yourself: So many of us do not even know ourselves talk more of loving us. One of the most difficult question for most people to answer is ' who are you'? You will sometimes hear people answering like, this ' my name is so and so' . This question is not about knowing your name, we want to know the you in you *does that make sense* . What is your perception about yourself. If you were able to answer that question with confidence then congratulations!!!
  Its important you know who you are and also love yourself. It is bad that you cannot even do things for yourself you rely on your partner for everything. Ladies, Le Boo must not buy you everything, buy things for yourself, treat yourself right nah. Its not a hard thing to spend quality time with yourself and when a man treats you less it will be easy to walk away. Embrace yourself tell your self every reason why you should be treated right.
Stop complaining about everything your weight, your color, your height etc, love yourself for who you are. The worlds view about Mr or Mrs Perfect shape, colour or figure is constantly changing. Just make sure you take care of yourself.

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*birthday girl*
I have every reason to be grateful to God today. Am a year older, God is faithful. Am glad because a lot has changed about me. Am learning everyday and am getting better.

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