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This post is all about sharing tips of how to become an irresistible woman from the biblical point of view.
Some of us might be wondering what it takes to be irresistible as a young Christian lady.

Will share a story with us. Its the story of a king called Lemuel in the Bible, (Proverbs 31:1) his mother advised him on how to become a better king to his people. One strong advice his mother gave him was how to recognize  and find a virtuous woman. As a king it was important he married a woman who will help him in ruling his people well.
The story of this virtuous woman has been with us for a long while now. It has been the topic in so many seminars, several books have been written about this  same woman. She is the kind of woman that every man desires. This qualities has made her irresistible, generations to come will still be talking about her. She is a woman we all want to be like even me my self i pray to God to make me just like her, but i discovered that her qualities will not fall like ripe cherries upon you. They are to be studied and applied into our daily lives.
Back to the main matter, lets find out her secrets.

               Secret 1
Proverbs 31:11 (Amp) The heart of her husband trusts in her confidently and relies on and believes in her securely, so that he has no lack of [honest] gain or need of [dishonest] spoil.

Trust: This woman does not have trust issues. People can trust her because she is true to her words. Hmmmm, trust!!! This is a word that is fast fading even in our Christian society. We as young women need to understand that trust is the one thing that when it is missing in our lives we will have a hard time in so many areas.
Can your words be trusted? When you say yes does it really mean yes. When you say something can you make sure that you remain so true to your words. If your not sure that you will keep to your words kindly do not make any promise you cannot keep.
  A typical example is when you have an appointment with someone.The person will be at the place of meeting and you have not even started dressing up for the appointment. When the person calls you will  be like am on my way..Haba!!! Its not cool at all, and for almost 2 hours you are still on your way. I know some people can relate to this most especially some of my friends llllooolllzzzz. I dread it when they say they are on their way because my waiting has just begun.

No matter how little the issue of saying the truth at all times or in difficult situations is, it is a strong foundation for trust. Gradually people will begin to trust you even in worst situatuons. To be an irresistible woman in this generation, people need to trust you most especially your man. Don't be unstable, make a decision to be firm in all that you are doing.

Can you be trusted with money?. This one is a big issue because money can buy you a lot of nice stuff winks. When people entrust you with their money will you spend it like it is totally yours. Honestly, money issues is a great cause for conflicts in our society today, most especially in marriage. So many of us women cannot even save up money to  make any investment, ok its your money you can spend it. What about other people's money?
  When you are given money to cook soup will you cook the soup with the money or you use half to cook soup and the remaining half to buy clothes. A lot of women are guilty of this. Some men can never make the mistake to even tell their woman the amount in their account because Oh boy!! Your money will be spent on weaves. There are some of my friends i can entrust with money no matter how much because i know they will provide it when it is needed.

Learn how to spend only your own money. Use it for what you have been asked to use it for because over time you will be trusted with so much more.

Trust is developed in relationships, your dependability will make your man so sure and confident in you. Learn to work on yourself if you have realised that people have doubts about you. Learn to speak the truth at all times. If your not good at keeping your mans money or at spending appropriately kindly seek for help through prayers and practical steps you will surely overcome.

This is going to be a series, every issue needs to be dealt with appropriately. Click here for Secret #2 Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you were blessed because i was..

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  1. Ify dear, the trust issues has become so flagrant today and guys are also not left out in this but my problem is that ladies never agrees to this when the trust issue is theirs, they prefer to stand aloof and accusing fingers to others. Its a wonderful piece, thanks.

    1. We women jst need to know the shifting of blames we need to work hard to earn trust.same for men too..God bless.

  2. i remember i had to Earn Her trust likewise she had to earn mine too.. Truthfully i can trust her with my ATM card and she wouldnt be tempted to empty my account. lol

    1. Ur such a lucky man.. Keep working to make ur relationship better..



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