Secrets of An Irresistible Woman #2

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A truly good woman is a wife before she is married. You need to inbred this, praying or fasting cannot make you one.
The criteria for becoming a wife or irresistible are very specific. For secret #1 click HERE. This is another:

Secret 2
She comforts, encourages, and does him only good as long as there is life within her. Pro. 31:12

One of the secrets of this woman is that she is a comforter. Sometimes giving comfort to people might sound like a huge task and infact it is most especially when you have your own issues or problems to face. This kind of woman makes sure that she give people around her comfort, she is consistently a comforter. To become an irresistible woman make it a point of duty to make people around you comfortable, this does not necessarily mean having to give them all they need. Make it a point of duty that your words always have a positive impact upon the lives of your loved ones and friends

We women are talkers, i mean every woman wants to be heard!!! That's what makes us who we are, if you are a man reading this post always listen to your woman!!!

We love to be heard, we want people to listen to us always. Men you need to accept this difference. When faced with problems, Men feel better by solving problems while women feel better by talking about problems.

For instance:
Man comes home, wants to watch news and relax. He is stressed out and just wants to forget this unsolved problems.
Woman wants to relax from her stressful day, she wants to find relief by talking about her problems.
Man thinks Woman talks too much, Woman feels Man is ignoring her. Wahala starts!!

When men and women are able to respect their differences then love has a chance to blossom Women are talkers, kindly listen. We women sometimes want to share our feelings about our day and want you to listen that's all!!. Now this wonderful quality can be an evil one when it is not properly used. You need to make it a point of duty that you speak positive words into peoples lives most especially your _man_. Men are thinkers and whether you like it or not your man think about words that proceeds out of your mouth. Even when a man has made a huge mistake he will still want to be encouraged. Most of us are living with the consequences of our words, many of us have said things that bruised our partners and has changed the tenor of our relationships. A woman needs to understand the effect of her words on the self-esteem of her man. The Bible teaches us that the power of life and death is in the tongue

_James 3:5-6 Even so the tongue is a little member, and it can boast of great things. See how much wood or how great a forest a tiny spark can set ablaze!
And the tongue is a fire. [The tongue is a] world of wickedness set among our members, contaminating and depraving the whole body and setting on fire the wheel of birth (the cycle of man's nature), being itself ignited by hell._

Your words can exalt or demolish him. A man will fly away if possible from contention but draw strength from the woman who encourages and affirms him. Your words shapes your life, words are so powerful they can be an agents of mass destruction. To be irresistible you need to watch your words sister , talk less most especially when you are angry!! Say only important things and you don't need to talk every time.

An irresistible woman keeps on doing good. We live in a wicked world and some people are just ungrateful, no matter how much good you do for them they will never change.. That should not change who you are!!! Keep doing good, it is difficult to do good to those who have hurt you but keep on doing good. You could be filled with vengeance and hatred because of the events of the past, people might have trampled on your right, yours could have been rape, or yours could be painful loss.. Allow your past to remain in the past. Broken women find it extremely difficult to maintain healthy relationships. They are always looking for men who will carry their pain for them. The only man attracted to carrying other peoples pain is JESUS!!!.No man wants problems in his life, every man wants a problem solver.

dont be filled with the darkness of yesterday, and refuse to see the light of today

Everyday is a new opportunity, to start afresh. People around you should not pay for the evil others have done. Don't treat the man in your life like he is the criminal or the rapist. Let the good in you not be conditional, it should not be based on the way you are treated. An irresistible woman forgives, she lets go, she allows JESUS to fix forgiving and see how your life turns out, keep doing good and keep being you.

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