Secrets of An Irresistible Woman #3

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Proverbs 31:13: She seeks out wool and flax and works with willing hands [to develop it].

An irresistible woman is a woman of strenght and skills, she can develop nothing to something. We live in a world today where women find it hard to maximize their potentials, some are either living the dream of their parents or the dreams of their spouses, then later in life force their innocent kids to live their own dreams. Then her kids grow up to live her dreams and not theirs and her kids force their own kids to live their own unfulfilled dreams and the cycle goes on and on like that. Then they creat generations of unfulfilled people forcing others to live their dreams. An irresistible woman is a woman with the capacity to maximize her potentials. Maximizing ones potentials, is usually a long journey that starts by taking little little steps. Those little steps are usually the most difficult things for various women to do, what so ever dream you want to fulfil why not start where you are. Just start with the little you have, why wait till you have everything, you might also be scared to fail. failure is never a death sentence when you fall you always rise up stronger and better. When you fail at something you always do it better the next time. JUST DARE IT. Like the scripture above, this kind of woman is able to work hard to be what she wants to be and also make things around her better. She is willing to work.

Willingness to work ke! how many of us are willing to work hard to build up a career we love, how many of us will be willing to develop things from the scratch. SCRATCH KE!!! So many of us women depend so much on LE BOO or parents for even the air we breath. Ok, this might not be you, you are a hard working woman, you foot your bill, you have a successful career but you find it hard to find a balance. A strong woman is able to be sucessful and also work hard to find a balance, though the BALANCE part is often times difficult. Most times we are so lost in FEMINISIM that we become selfish and love less. An irresistible woman is a woman who develops not just her career but every thing around her. The people around you should have one thing or the other they learn from you everyday, we women are often time in the pursuit for perfect things, perfect relationship, perfect man, perfect career we just want everything PERFECT and we ignore the fact that perfection comes with hard work. Are we willing to work our hard tirelessly to gain our goal of ALL THINGS PERFECT!!

This kind of woman is resourceful, she is creative. The truth is a lot of women are not themselves, they love living out a script that has been written by others for them. Others I mean are not just your friends, how about TELENUNDO, E!, AFRICAN MAGIC, CELEBRITIES, FASHION SHOWS, MUSIC VIDEOS the list goes on and on . We try so hard, work tirelessly to be like those people our IDOLS!! You know yours...Why try so hard to be like someone else when you can build your own personality. WOMEN with FAKE ACCENTS, FAKE BOOBS, FAKE BUTTS, everything about you is just screaming out loud Fake! Fake!!Fake!!!. and you want a real man HABA!! It is a very terrible thing to live in some's shadow. A woman who is creative can turn little things around her into something great. The most annoying one is this BRITISH ACCENT flying round, OK! we know you went for summer we saw all the pictures on your instagram page, CONGRATULATIONS!!! but why will you come back from a one month summer with a british accent,HABA sister!! If accents change so easily then all the Igbos living in Lagos Nigeria will have yoruba accent. lllloolll

Trying so hard to fit into the norm is never a great quality, you are just existing and never living. Lets all learn to live our lives, work hard to build that which is your vision or your goal or aspiration. Dont apologize for being successful,be successful and you will be so irresistible. The road to success is never easy it is always full of twists and thorns.
Life is never a bed of Roses because Roses have thorns

Maximize your potentials so you do not marry out of financial needs or even if you are married so that you can be a helper that God has created you to be. Men do not need women who will see them as a life line they will go out of their way to avoid a woman with financial baggage that brings nothing to add. Take care of your self financially.


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