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We all have different values in life, we want different things, and we have different goals. Men and women are different. Without an understanding of our differences we will be at war with one another. Men always wonder why women act the way they do and women also wonder why men act the way they do.

We always believe that when someone loves us they should behave in certain ways. Men are always expecting women to think, talk, work and behave just the way they do. Women are also expecting same from men. The truth still remain that it is highly impossible for such to happen. Most times we ignore our differences and therefore our relationships are filled with unnecessary conflict and frictions. Embracing our differences and working together makes our relationship better.

In our society today, sex is always translated as intimacy. It’s a general believe that when a man and a woman are said to be in love they should be having sex. Sex is a beautiful thing; it is a binding force and it is the real joining of two people. In the confines of marriage, sex is the real and original joining of the man and woman. Legally, a marriage can be annulled if it has not been consummated. It is the final joining together even after the law of the land has joined you both together.

Sex outside marriage is a fast growing trend in our society. It is seen as the only way true love can be expressed. Most movies tell us that two strangers can meet today, have sex today and still have the spark of happily ever after. Music videos are saying the same thing, sex is seen as the only way of expressing your love. The sacredness of marriage has been thrown out of the window.

Men can easily give away their body and never their hearts. For women their body and heart are together. Whenever a woman gives her body it means that her heart is close. Most women enter into relationships looking for intimacy and marriage. A lot of young women have been heartbroken and deceived by men. For men sex is an isolated event. A man can sleep with a woman a lot of times but can never have feelings for her. Men are wired differently when it comes to sex; a man can sleep with a woman he hates again and again. A lot of women are been deceived by this sex thirsty men into believing that they are been loved and accepted not knowing that they are just objects of sexual gratification. Women need to stand up and resist this kind of men. The only way to resist such men is by closing your legs. A virtuous woman will value her body and not allow herself to be toyed with.

True love is all about actions, not about feelings. It is a decision to be sacrificial. It is not the way you feel in between your legs. A man who loves you will surely wait for you. TRUE LOVE WAITS

Women need to wise up and count their losses beforehand. There are basic questions you should ask your self before you pull off your pants tonight, Yes I mean TONIGHT. You might have received that call to come over.

Who gets pregnant? You
Who carries the baby? You
Who goes for an abortion? You
Who drops out of school? You
Who is a single mother? You.

A man who is in the peak of sexual arousal can promise you the head of his mother on a tray. They can promise to give you the whole world, just give them the sex and after 5 minutes they snore away leaving a lonely and bitter feeling behind in your heart.
A person who does not love God cannot love truly. A lot of Christian men claim they love God but are pressuring a lot of women into having sex with them. Men do you think its only women who lose in the process of sex. No men!! you lose too.

Being engaged is not a passport for having premarital sex. So many young people think that GREAT SEX RESULT TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE. The time of dating and engagement is the time for talking and developing yourselves. Marriages are breaking up today because a lot of time was spent checking out sexual compatibility. Forgetting that great sex is not what keeps marriage together. A lot of couples realize they are married to strangers after their wedding. Some do not even have a basic understanding of each other. Some thing that a good make up sex will wish there problems away. You need to learn practical ways of conflict resolution during this period of dating and engagement. There are other areas of compatibility you need look out for but you busy checking out only your bodies.

chemistry stops over time, true love stands the test of time

Intimacy is achieved through friendship. A true friend will not be pressuring you into sex. True and intimate friends help you develop character. An intimate relationship is one where you both are willing and committed to help each other live and work in the will and purpose of God for your lives. True and intimate friends help each other overcome their weaknesses not drag others into it.

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  1. Well said m frd m very proud of u
    Kip d gud work goin.

  2. Thanks love, let's keep spreading the word..

  3. Wow! Its a masterpiece...sincerely, true love wait. True love is not sex. And the primary aim of marriage by God is not sex rather compactibility. Sex is icing on the cake.

    1. Yes, we just need to keep spreading the word sex is not love and love is not sex..

  4. Wonderful Piece Gabby keep telling it as it was in the begining

    1. Thanks *smiles * lets just keep spreading truth..



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