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Hello my wonderful friends. Thank you so much for all the comments you left in my last post, click HERE if you missed it. Will be elaborating on those comments today. If am not able to finish up will have to split it into two or three parts. May God bless you all for sharing your practical ways with us.

These are ways that have worked for other people, read and enjoy:

 If the Devil finds a Man idle, he'll get him a job. While we were growing up we were told severally that an idle man is the devil's workshop/tool. You might not understand what this has in connection to sexual temptations except you have had one reason or the other to stay at home all day doing nothing. Honestly, staying idle without a purpose can make you fall into a lot of temptations. Sexual temptations comes in different ways when you are idle.

I know a lot of us started a lot of nasty relationships while at home doing nothing. You know what I mean, you begin to notice all the pretty guys and babes on your street. You begin to visit each other when everybody is off to work and before you know it, things begin to happen. Some got entangled into pornography and masturbation at times of idleness.

This sexual virus most times needs you isolated for it to eat you up. It is important you get yourself busy doing something.

KEEP OFF FROM XXX ZONES: It is important you walk away or better still stay away from situations that are sexually driven. I know with social media CRAZINESS this might seem like an impossible job for someone to do. It is always your decision to  keep scrolling or you stay on such a page to digest the information been passed to you.

There are some materials you deliberately keep and you know they are not healthy for your soul. If you really want to win this war, you need to stay off such materials. These materials come in so many forms, like movies, books, music videos, etc. These materials may appear never to be harmful but over time they could hurt you.

A young christian lady was having serious struggles with masturbation, she had prayed and fasted so many times. She also did a lot of mountain camping just to get over this issue but she just couldn't overcome. One day she decided to open up to her pastor who prayed for her but the parasite kept eating her up. She came back to her pastor to complain again and he asked her a simple question: 'What kind of novels do you love reading'?  She replied: 'I love reading romantic novels'. He replied her: 'When you get home please destroy them' . That was the end of the struggle for her.

I love reading a lot. I started reading a lot of novels at a very young age. Gradually i graduated from reading normal novels to romantic and the graduation continued. Those of us who schooled in Nigeria will remember days of novel exchange, we did a lot of that. I was born and brought up in a Christain home, so I usually tore off the back or better still cover the back with newspaper so that my parents will not see the cover page. lllooolllzzzz. Those books we saw as harmless later turn around to hurt us. The truth is these books paint a very bad picture about love and sex for young women and we tend to go in that direction. Now, you do not need to go far to buy those kind of books they are everywhere online for free download. A lot of Christian women have fallen pray to this parasite and it makes our journey to sexual abstinence more strenuous.

Movie lovers will understand my next point. Most movies that are been produced these days are so unhealthy for us. These days you cannot even see a movie with a child, you will be so embarrassed. So many of our movies promote pre-marital sex and different forms of sexual manipulations. If you really want to win this war try as much as possible to stay way from PORNOGRAPHIC MOVIES. For you to get access to pornographic materials you do not need to go far, just a little typing of key words in GOOGLE search and you have varieties to choose from. Just like DOMINIC commented you need to make a decision and stand by it prayerfully. Like the Bible said 'faith without works is dead'. The truth about erotic and pornographic materials is that they leave a feeling of guilt and filth in your heart. Love and value yourself so much that you will make a decision not to indulge in them again and keep to it.

TAKE A COVENANT: This particular one is tricky. Some people do not believe in taking any form of covenant but I tell you it works. Some people like GIFTED AND ANONYMOUS shared their testimonies of how they had to take a covenant to keep themselves from having sex prayerfully and it worked. A friend of mine told me that she took an oath before God that God should strike her dead any day she will give in to sex with any man except her husband. She said that so many times she was so close to giving in and she will just remember the terrible things she told God to do to her and it works. So many people might disagree to the covenant thing but i tell you it works. In fact it has been working for me and is still working. It is not just taking a covenant that matters it is the way it is taken. God has already bought us with a high price but we need to constantly remind ourselves that our body is His always till our wedding day. We are to offer our bodies unto God as a living sacrifice. Before making a covenant with God be careful because what ever you say to Gods hearing that surely you will have. One so very sweet thing about God is he helps us keep our covenants when we rely totally on him. It is scary right but when done with faith and total reliance on God's grace it works. You will not want to hear mine because it is scary too but honestly that has kept me victorious in some many faces of temptations.

You could have a symbol for your covenant, some wear promise rings, necklaces, bangles etc. Some have a written agreement between themselves and God (sounds funny right!!). Which ever way, keep Gods Word always in your heart and you will not compromise.

Let's talk, do you think these practical steps can really help us overcome?? Have you tried any of these practical steps share with us. You could just leave a comment below.

Everybody need to be a partaker of this blessing. Please do not be selfish kindly share. Shalom..

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