Overcoming Sexual Temptations.

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I just want to take this moment to say a big thank you to everyone who has been visiting, sharing and commenting on my posts. Thank you so much you guys are the best. Honestly, I am thrilled at the kind of love i receive and i am so grateful. You are the best blog friends ever. Kisses to you all and God bless you. I am still relatively new to blogging am still learning a lot. I still need correction in so many areas, kindly point them out to me.

Today's post is about overcoming sexual temptations. Is there really victory over this tempation? Yes! there is victory but you do not waltz your way into it. You work!!! After my post on SEX AND INTIMACY a friend told me something. That its so easy to tell every one about all this but how to do what we know is right, is the real problem. Most times we know the truth and the right thing to do but we find ourselves doing the very opposite of it.

I know so many times when i have told my self ' Ify, you will never do this again, never ever'. Sometimes i even go on my knees and pray, promising God how i will never ever DO THAT AGAIN. Eventually, i find myself going back to the same very thing.  Honestly, i have depended so much on God's grace to keep me up and about but most of all I have applied some  practical steps to overcome sexual temptations.

Fighting sexual temptation takes more than having the power to say "NO" to it and just walk away. You cannot wish it away just like that, the flesh always fights hard and long. Sexual temptations comes in so many forms, some we are not even aware when they creep into our lives. We need to guard ourselves always, do not assume that you are too Holy to fall into temptations. It could be adultery, fornication, masturbation, porngraphic materials etc. 

I personally have had my own share of struggle concerning some of these sexual matters. I have had total victory in some and sometimes I have fallen face down. YES FACE DOWN!!!. Thank God for  His grace that helps me bounce back when I mess up.
  As a young person never get to that point when you think you are too big or too strong a Christian to fall into sexual temptation.
Winning this temptation takes both spiritual and physical work. If you rely so much on your physical efforts  it won't work, and if you rely so much on your spiritual effort it will not still not WORK. There has to be a balance between both. Faith without works is dead, you need faith and works to be victorious. Am not saying that God does not help us in any way he does help us a lot, but we as humans need to do our part. It is just like someone who is hungry and just keeps praying and praying.. God will not throw down food from Heaven for you. You need to go into your kitchen and cook.

I  will love to hear from each of you ways in which we can  have victory over sexual temptations. I have some practical steps which has totally worked for me but will love to hear your own. Will be sharing those opinions here as a series. You can either comment below or send it as an e-mail to me at iekesiobi@yahoo.com.

Am on twitter, facebook and instagram. Let's get social will love to meet you and interact with you. Love you all and stay blessed. Shalom.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much..Still waiting for your views..*smiles*

  2. some ways to overcome sexual temptation is to one stay away from idleness, two decide his u want to live you life ofcus we all have a pass and u might have got ur self entangled in one or two things bt u also have the power to decide ur future, challenges such as d "TEMPTATION" must come bt when u are film on ur decision u will overseas come and d last and most important is repentance and sanctification. when u gt sanctified u promised God u won't go back to ur vomit all u need is just to pray for the grace to keep d promise. nice job ify

    1. Thanks for taking out time to comment. Will write a post about your practical opinions soon. Stay blessed.

  3. *Keeping off from whomever/whatever that could possibly lure you into it
    *Writing in your room and the wall of your heart your decision
    *Taking an oath to the shame of the devil who is a bastard that 'you won't disappoint God no matter how appealng the devil presents it'.
    By God's grace they (esp the last one) actually worked for me

  4. Really, interesting most especially the taking an oath part.. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Yea the covenant thing has worked for me, cos wen am at the verge, I remember my covenant with God.

  6. There are a lot of testimonies about covenant or oath taking unto God, i too have mine n its been wonderful..Thanks for your comment...

  7. Ve we considered our thought...that's virtually wer all temptations come from. Devil tempt us by d content of our thought.. ones we guide our heart jealously wit His word n carefully monitor wat goes on in our thought, we will overcome every bit of sexual temptation.
    In Romans 6, we re nt suppose to continue in sin since we ve being immersed in Christ(death to sin) but we continue to...bcos we ve crucify our thought. For every sin I commit, I ve thought of it several times..that sin ve iluminated me.....
    So brethern, lets work on our thought...its our well of life.

    1. Our heart should be guarded always because it shapes our life. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hi Ifeoma,

    I'm glad you nailed this down and you weren't ashamed to admit that there are times you've fallen prey to it. This is an serious issue that most of us adult shy away from discussing, all in the name of trying to act too holy. It should be discussed very often to help those trying to get out of such dilemma.
    I will add that the company we keep also plays a huge role in this situation. They can make or mar us. In as much as we need the holyspirit to guide us in overcoming sexual immorality, we also need to abstain from bad company... (Friends who are engaged in pornography, going to the strip club, and those who try to overrule and counteract you for making healthy decisions). In any relationship we find ourselves in, always ask yourself what kind of void do these friends fill up when they are around. If they have nothing edifying and uplifting to bring to the table, sieve them out! They are planting ungodly seeds.
    If we keep entertaining and accomodating friends who constantly practice this act, they will gradually lure you into it and by the time you realize yourself, you're already glued. The bible says guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issue of life.. Proverbs 4:23.
    We see a whole bunch of stuff on social media.. You can't imagine the number of people drawn to sexual immorality due to the type of videos and nude pictures that go viral on daily basis. The heart is under constant attack. We've made it a garbage zone where people dispose their filt and courageously walk away.
    May God help us and purge our hearts!!!

    1. Thank you so much Adaora. Honestly you have said it all. Social media is a huge place for the cheap sale and broadcast of sex. Imagine you just check out some movie websites and your seeing porn everywhere to download.. May God help us all..

  9. you guys have said it all but if am to add, for us to be able to steer clear from these temptations; find a reliable group of people that you can talk to especially when the going gets tough for you. I have tried it and it works like magic as far the person you are talking to has something to offer. I hv also been there so I talk with experience.

  10. for the physical my dear i have learnt to ask the the right questions of what is happening at the moment and a change of focus. while for the spritual, i do my best to disconnect from one of the powers of my soul ( my memories, my understanding and my will) take one out of the equation and in few moments latter you will be glad that you did. this might be helpfull to some out there. thanks



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