When Are You Getting Married???

1:48 pm

'When are we coming for your own wedding'. Every single Nigerian lady, has experienced this at one time or the other.

This is my typical conversation these days:

Me: Good Afternoon, Ma.

Aunty Xyz: How are you, Nne.

Me: Am fine ma. *trystowalkaway*

Aunty Xyz: *Rememberssomething* ehen! How is school.

Me: No, aunty am done with school

Aunty Xyz: *claps* really..Congratulations.

Me: Thank you ma. *exhales*

Aunty Xyz: So when are we coming...

Me: *puzzled* For what ma!!

Aunty Xyz: Your wedding of course, abi you don't want to marry and have children, marriage is a blessing, its good to marry early oh, don't do career woman now and be crying later.
If they are coming just choose one!!
Incase you don't have any body on ground, i have one special person for you. One of your other aunties from the 200th generation of your grandfather's friend's son is looking for a wife. Incase you are interested.
Me: thank you ma. *walksawayfinally*

I have repented from this calm way of answering them oh, this is the new me..lllooolllzzzz.

Marriage this! Marriage that!! Everywhere you go these days. Marriage is a beautiful thing no doubt, but the pressure to marry is so much. It takes a woman who is strong and understands her purpose not to give in to the pressure. I just read a story of a 53 years old bride who just got married. Click
here to read the story. Why are you always thinking and wishing for a man. One of the secrets of An Irresistible Woman is that she is self-reliant. Enjoy your own company, have fun, live your life and be the best you can be. The right person will come along when you least expect it. Sometimes all you need is just a change of environment, meet new people and explore new places.

Our God is not controlled by time, he is a timeless God. Lets stop trying to rush into what is already ours. Patience is a virtue to exhibit when waiting upon the Lord for your heart desires.

Do not get tired of asking your Father, because he always hears us. Sometimes we do not receive because we ask wrongly. Learn to ask the right way and for the right reasons. God bless you as you wait on him.

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  1. Replies
    1. Laughing along with u...llllooollllzz.. Our aunties can be something else..

  2. Can't stop laffing.....d conversation is soooo funny
    More grace sis



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