2014 WAS GREAT!!!

7:02 pm

So sorry my post is coming late. Blame it on the festivities and celebrations... Happy holiday ending. Lllooolll.. Welcome back.

2014 was a wonderful year for me, God proved to me that i am really His favourite BABY...There was nothing DIFFICULT for Him to do for me, he was just surprising me Left, Right and Centre. I learnt a lot through the year. Will share a review of how my 2014 was.

ACADEMICS: I graduated in 2014 from the university. After spending extra months in school due to ASUU strike. Chai!! ASUU strike is one big enemy of Nigerian students. It has a way of making you want to run out of this country. Imagine! we were supposed to graduate in 2013 but we finally wrote our final exams in 2014. At the end of it all, am grateful to God that we made it through.

HEALTH: I never had any reason to visit the hospital in 2014. God kept me health and strong. Sometimes all i needed was just good rest and when I get it, am so alright.. GLORY!!!

FINANCES: GOD proved himself strong in my finances. For real, God was always providing. 2014 taught me that i should rely so much on God in my finances. Whenever i had a need all i did was ask God and he always provided. God am grateful.

RELATIONSHIP: GOD connected me with wonderful friends that he used to make my 2014 memorable. I lost some friends and i gained wonderful friends that am glad i met. Honestly, the last quarter of 2014 was the most memorable because he granted all my prayer requests for the year. I ended 2014 with a big bag of testimonies in my relationship.

PERSONAL GOALS: IT WAS A YEAR OF SELF DISCOVERY!!! I never believed that one day i will be able to blog or do my present Job. God taught me a huge lesson that my abilities will always fail me, but when i rest on Him he will work through my inabilities. I had goals at the beginning of the year and i tell you i achieved most of them not all.  Unto Him who is able to perfect all that concerns me, I give the glory. I picked, up some goals along the year and they were achieved by Gods grace.

SPIRITUALITY: I felt a new dimension of God through the year, am grateful because grace is all that brought me this far. My best friend the Holy Spirit helped me a lot. Honestly, He was my inspiration and great teacher. So many times i almost lost my way through life's Journey and he led me aright.

I cannot count all my blessings because they are just too numerous. Thank God for you my great readers who made my 2014 memorable. God bless you all Ojare!!

How was your 2014??

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  1. It's almost rare to find people who boldly speak of their relationship with the Spirit of God.
    Keep up the good work, you're going places...

  2. Hey Ifeoma! I personally identified with 2014 being a year of self-discovery. Your post was really encouraging! Thank you!

    1. hello Archie, am glad we learnt similar stuff through the year, hoping to learn more in 2015.. am glad you were encouraged..*smiles*



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