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There are just somethings i wish i could use my magic wand to change about
our NA
IJA WEDDINGS. I think i deserve a chieftaincy title when it comes to attending or participating in weddings ( Laughs) I have done bridal train and aso-ebi alot and have been chief bridesmaid so many times. There are just some things we do in Nigerian weddings that i wish i could really change.  They are annoying to me and sometimes they can be the real kill joys of wedding ceremonies.

1. HIGH TABLE. I know honour should be given to whom honour is due but in a wedding case, who is really due for the honour?. Everyone is my guest and are all due to be honoured. I do not know how high table stuff started but i think it has certainly come to stay. I believe my wedding is about me celebrating my new home and no one deserves the highest table that day except I AND LE BOO and our parents. Its extremely annoying when i begin to hear things like: "We hereby, call on Chief (Engr) and Mrs Okaka 1 of Heaven and Earth to the high table". 

I wish i could change it but you know, they will say "you are disrespectful".

2. THE MOTHERS' DANCE. I can't tell you how this one started but I can tell you it is certainly here to stay. When the bride and groom are dancing, I see the mother of the groom. At one side of the dance floor, dancing with her own group of friends and been sprayed money. The mother of the bride also occupies her own side of the dance floor with her own group of friends and gradually everyone focus shifts from the celebrants.

I wish i could change that too, but they will say "don't you know your mother suffered when raising you".

Mothers' dance
Source: searchpp.com

3. THE CUTTING OF KOLA NUT. I honestly do not know how this traditional rite got into our wedding receptions especially for people from the eastern part of Nigeria. For real!, why do we need to break kola at my wedding?. They say it's a traditional right but i thought traditional rites ought to stop at traditional weddings. Innit!

I wish i could change that too, but they will say "It is tradition and we must observe it"
Source: pinterest.com

think the order of photographs was included in the wedding programme so that we all can see it and abide by it, abi!. I have noticed it is almost impossible to stick to the order of photographs. Sometimes, the couple will even end up not taking their personals. You will just be seeing uncles and aunties from all generation of your lineage saying its their turn to take a shot with you.

I wish i could change that too, but they will say "So you want me to be waiting abi?"

5. THE BRIDE KNEELING DOWN TO FEED THE GROOM. I have seen this in countless weddings and it doesn't sit down well with me. Why the pretence? We all know the wife will definitely not keep up with the practise. I believe that my white wedding reception is an avenue for us to celebrate our love.  
The bride kneeling down to feed her groom.

I wish i could change that too, but they will say "So you don't want to show us how you will feed your husband, abi?".

At the end of the day, it's your marriage. The ceremony doesn't really determine how the marriage will be. Just enjoy your day, it comes once in a lifetime.

These are the things i really wish i could change  about Naija weddings, tell me about yours. 

Don't forget to share, because you are not SELL-FISH, llllooolllzzz. Have a nice week.

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  1. I wish I could change asoebi of a thing, u spend a fortune paying for some asoebi that are so substandard that you can't even wear twice,,,BTW Ify u write well...from your secondary school classmate...kip it up

    1. Honestly, the Aso-ebi part is another area that i really wish i could change too. Some brides are just opportunists they just want to use their cheap clothes to make money for themselves. Mtchew..

      Wwooww, Bwari for life, we are repping everywhere. Lllooollzz. Thanks sis for the complement. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Hehehe...kneel down ke...abeg....my frd na so d thgs dey oooo

    1. Llloolll, tessy my dear friend that's how we saw the things oh..

      Bt i believe we can make a change somehow.. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I was just laughing when I read this piece! Fabulous! I like the Asoebi thing as long as it's not too expensive/you consider the level of your friends.

    I agree with the order of photographs! I hope all those our uncles and aunties won't try it at mine. I notice that after a while, the couple stops smiling because they are tired of arguing or hearing relatives argue with the photographer and MC.

    This is a good one! Well done!

    1. Lllooolll, just keep praying dey don't try it oh.. It is annoying, but u can put up good measures to make everything more organised..

  4. in all these, the only one i knw i will tell my wife that she shud try is kneeling of a thing. there is no nid fooling ur self in the public when you knw u wont kip it up. As for the other items, if you remove what will remain and what will you employ as replacements.

    1. Llllooollllzzzz, i think the young couples should find a way of celebrating their love. Its painful when you see the couple angry or quarrelling during the wedding because of so many external interference..

  5. LOOLL @ the kolanut one and the order of pictures thing is SOOO trueeee!!! oh my gosh!! kai, i don't even know where to start with that one Loll

    1. Hehehehe.. As in is dere really any measure we can put in place to make d order of photographs more organized...

  6. I think mine is for parents and families to stop hijacking weddings. Most times the couple consent to a lot of things to satisfy parents and family members

    1. Yes oh, the slogan is our marriage their wedding.. I know something can be done against the hijacking stuff.. But dey will say you are arrogant n don't respect family..



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