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HELLO SWEETHEARTS, how have you been? I know you have been great and healthy. Thank God you are alive to read this post. I know i have not been so consistent with my posts on this blog. Thank God for you.
Please don't be angry with me, (E ma binu). I have just had a lot going on around me. Gradually am settling and adjusting to life generally. So be ready to hear more from me OK!!!.

Today's post is about men that are unhealthy for us ladies. Some of us have met these kind of men, some are dating them, some are engaged to them, you are even about to get married to one of them this Saturday. Well as for those that are married to them you have our prayers, may God give you grace to keep on being strong. Amen.
 Ladies, you might just have a rethink about your relationship after reading this post.

 As for you MR, you might not fall into any of these category but your friend might just be one or your sister about to marry one.  Don't be stingy just share this post to him/her as a new year gift (laughs). 

1. MR GIVE-ME ALWAYS. This kind of man is always on demand, but he never supplies. All he is interested in is what you have as a lady but will never contribute any thing to your life. You know, this man is always asking, asking and asking. He is always broke, always sad, always needing prayers, always sick. This man always have something he wants you to do for him as a lady. Some ladies fall for this kind of guys everyday thinking one DAY all the problems will be solved. 

they are always empty..

As a lady watch out for such kind of men, they are always having a business idea that if you ever make a loving mistake and invest in, sweetheart!! I just heard your money being flushed in the toilet. He is just out to drain and ruin you physically, spiritually, mentally and infact all round. When he is done sucking and draining you dry he dumps you for a richer woman. 

All he wants to be doing all his life is to be rescued by young women whom he seduces with his smooth-boy-swag. Shei, you think they are not in churches? that guy with a melodious voice, tongue speaking, crowd moving and mountain climbing BROTHER might just be a LEACH. 

Their needs are endless.

Mr-Give-Me-always does not mind if he is older than you or not as long as you can keep providing he is cool with it, till you are not able to give any more. He moves on unto the next!!!

Proverbs 30:15a- The leech has two daughters: Give and Give. 


2. MR I-AM-MARRIED BUT STILL LOVE YOU. This kind of men are already in a committed marriage relationships but will still be saying they love you. 

I am married but love you more than my wife.

I met a cute man one day in a cab on my way to school, you know those kind of guys that you smile when they are about to get into the car to sit next to you,lllloolll. I think immediately the guy saw me too, he did a mental calculation. SHARP GUY!!!  He just told the driver that he should take us straight to our destination and he will pay for the remaining seats. I was happy ehen!! FINE GUY+GENEROUS GUY= A HAPPY GABBY. So i thought i was going to make a new friend.

Immediately we settled in for our journey, he started talking about how i am beautiful and all that BLAH! BLAH!! BLAH!!!. My eyes just did a little wandering round his hands and HE HAD A WEDDING RING ON. What!!! I immediately, asked him if he was married. He answered with boldness ''Yes, I am married you look like my wife that's why i love you". At that moment i got so angry, LOVE KE!!  Immediately i put on my talking cap and started talking+preaching+counselling this man. He told me he will take good care of me BLAH! BLAH!! BLAH!!!. I was not just having any of it, kept telling the man how he was such a wicked man to do such to his wife.

The heat of my words on his heart got too much and he asked the driver to stop so he could get out of the car. We were just half way into our journey. Immediately he got down, He told me 'gabby, please have a nice life. A lot of women will beg to be in your shoes right now'. It was clear this man was just a wicked man most especially to his wife and to young women.

This kind of men know just the right things to say, the right things to do, he infact treats you right because he knows how to handle women with respect. A lot of single ladies see themselves as absolutely lucky and loved when a married man leaves his kids and family to meet with them whether secretly or openly. They will always tell you how you are a better cook than their wives, more beautiful, more outspoken etc. They say things like "Why didn't i meet you before  meeting that wife of mine". Don't fall for that crap, it is fake regret. 

You will still end up like his ex.
He just needs you as a distraction from the reality of life. Forget dear, that man will never live his wife or marriage for you. He is in a covenant relationship with his wife. OK, you might get lucky enough, he leaves his wife and kids for you. Its just a matter of time before he replaces you with another woman again. Please don't be angry and blaming the next woman its just called KARMA. An African proverb says " the same cane used to flog Peter will be used also to flog Paul".

Don't allow yourself to be the sole reason why one kid somewhere is praying that his father pays his school fees while you are busy spending the man's money. If a married or engaged man want to drag you into there emotional roller coaster, kindly break the door and flee.

His kids are praying that he just love them.

Mr I-Am-Married but still love you, have kept and still keeping a lot of christian ladies waiting. Some of you reading this post are even still waiting for him to leave his family FOR YOU. Some have even committed abortion for him in a  bid to keep the affairs secret and so he will finalise his divorce with his wife. Sister you will get your own man with less drama and baggage just be patient. My dear sister, BE WISE.

Proverbs 9:17-18 (NIV) "Stolen water is sweet; And bread eaten in secret is pleasant." But he does not know that the dead are there, That her guests are in the depths of Sheol.

3. MR-RELIGIOUS-HOLINESS. This kind of guy is so interested in church things. In fact over interested, everything about him is CHURCH! CHURCH!! CHURCH!!!. He is the kind of guy you find in every church department, he is in USHERING, CHOIR, DRAMA, TEEN MINISTRY, MEDIA and SUNDAY SCHOOL. You will find him everywhere. When you meet him or at the beginning of your relationship you will be like "This is the kind of spiritual brother i need in my life". After some time you will begin to see that this man will rather be in church than spend time talking with you. He is always talking about spiritual things but never finding time to find out the real you. He has no interest in you, your dreams or your daily struggle. 

all he talks about is church this, church that!!!!

This kind of man demands that you must be at every church gathering and revival. They call you often to ask when you will be in church and if you make a mistake and say YOU WONT BE IN CHURCH, they begin to tell you how unserious you are about your heavenly race (laughs). He doesn't care if your schedule is tight or not he believes you should be in every department in church. He is not the kind of guy that calls you to check up on you he calls to find out if you found the church revival interesting and powerful. He believes that your relationship will work out by God's grace and that all other things are mundane and useless. This kind of guys are never romantic, they believe everything is about prayer and fasting.

I remember a friend of mine who was  asking me out, called me on a Sunday afternoon. He asked me if i went to church but i said 'NO', when he asked for my reason i told him there was an occasion  we were cooking for, so i couldn't make Sunday service. He immediately told me i had just committed a great sin against God. IMAGINE!! He began to lecture me about how not going to a church is a SIN and all that. This same thing happened again and he still said the same thing. I see that as the peak of being religious. Our body is Gods temple, we should honour him with our spirit, soul, and body always. 

Mr religious holiness

Mr Religious Holiness will make you feel bitter and frustrated afterwards. They see every movement, word or action as a sin. They work more on the way people see them and perceive them as HOLY than the way God sees them. They feel that telling a woman they love or intend to marry how they feel is the highest height of CARNALITY.

Matthew 23:4-5 (NLT) They crush people with unbearable religious demands and never lift a finger to ease the burden.
“Everything they do is for show. On their arms they wear extra wide prayer boxes with Scripture verses inside, and they wear robes with extra long tassels.

To be continued....

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  1. My frd rightly said....may God helps us

    1. Amen and Amen my beautiful friend. A lot of us know the right thing to do but we find it hard to do.

  2. Waiting for the next part o! Really nice!

  3. I am eagerly waiting for "unhealthy women"

    1. Lllloollllzzzz, Charles. unhealthy women coming soon.. Just stay tuned..



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