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Happy Valentine in advance

This is a season of Love! On valentine's day we all want that special person to feel really special. Buying a gift can be hard and tricky. We all have been thinking of ideas of the kind of gift we want to give on Val's day. I am here to help you make your choice faster.Thank me later (laughs).

What is your budget??

 1. YOUR BUDGET. This is the most important aspect one needs to consider before making a choice of a gift. What is your budget like? You must not rob a bank or go bankrupt to make LEE BOO feel special, always stick to your budget. If its a pen you can afford kindly give a pen, and if you are broke you could do things that will not involve you spending money at  all. You could go out of your way and cook, or plan a romantic dinner. Whatever act of service that will make your day special kindly do it.

He gives me a handbag every year.. Sure! He will give me that again

 2. WHAT DID YOU GIVE LAST YEAR. There are some of us who keep giving the same gift over and over again. Imagine LEE BOO got me a hand bag last year and he is giving me the same thing again, haba!! As a lady i might say thank you but deep within me i really wish you had bought another thing instead. There are a hundred and one forms of gifts you could get for your partner, but please try as much as possible not to give the same thing over and over again.

 Support my hobby!!!

3. HOBBIES AND INTERESTS. When buying a gift its important you buy a gift that supports the hobby or interest of your sweetheart. A lady who loves reading will definitely appreciate a book, a guy whose hobby is playing football will love it if  given a football kit. Imagine you have a geeky girl friend and your buying her make up kit. She will smile and accept it but deep within will wish you got something that supports her hobby. Check the person's present interest. 

4. PRESENT NEEDS. This is a very important aspect to consider when buying a gift. Try as much as possible to make sure that your gift solves a particular need. If she needs a laptop like i do right now and you can afford it. Get her one. If she needs to off set some bills and instead of you to help her off set them your spending the money planning a vacation. My dear, you are on your own. If he rarely has time to pick up a good looking shirt, you could get him a cute shirt. You need to observe that person and notice that need that should be solved,you could  use that as a  GIFT.

That is a sign language.

5. LISTEN TO BODY AND SIGN LANGUAGE. To really actualise this particular step, you need to be very observant and attentive. You might have noticed the way she talks a lot about a particular shoe, that's a sign bro. She wows and stares endlessly at a particular item when you both went shopping its a sign. You could also notice the way he talks about the latest PS 4 and you know you can afford it, that will be a perfect gift.

Above all, its not the size of the gift that matters, its the size of the heart. If nobody celebrates you or you are presently in a long distance relationship, this an opportunity for you to pamper yourself, get your self a gift and make yourself feel special. Make sure you make someone feel special too, give LOVE and you will certainly receive LOVE.


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  1. great tips Gabby.. u the best!

  2. I wish someone will be reading this to know what I need for Valentine. Thanks Gabby.

    1. Lllooolll, just make sure d person reads this.

      I too wish someone could take a cue from this and understand my needs.. *winks

    2. Lllooolll, just make sure d person reads this.

      I too wish someone could take a cue from this and understand my needs.. *winks

  3. Replies
    1. I hope you got your generator oh.. Lllooolllzzz.



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