How To Break Up A Relationship

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Hey Cuties, good morning. Do you want to break up a relationship and leave a good impression behind?, Then you really need to read on.

Some of us have entered into relationships that after a day or two your like 'How did i get here'. Its not just dating someone that matters it is being with that person and being happy that sums it all up. Some relationships are UNHEALTHY and time wasting. You will do your self a huge favour by letting go early. There are some people you find it so difficult to maintain a good relationship with. There are some you just can't handle their weaknesses. Some relationship goes bad and stay that way, most times we both know it is over but will prefer to keep the breaking up decision for later.

Breaking up a relationship involves a lot of emotional work if you are still emotional attached to the person. In some situations where you are done with the person in your heart then its easy and not so draining emotionally. So how do you break up ?


1. Arrange a date.
 Its a rude and depressing thing to do a break up over the phone, e-mail or a text. I remember the last break up i had to do, i did it over the phone. The guy called 100 times that day and i didn't pick up. I silenced my phone. To me, it was a big sign of I AM SO DONE with you. Come on!! The guy was crushed and I my self was sad later on. It was not a good feeling at all and i still apologise in my heart to him. Just because you are not feeling a relationship does not make the person a bad or evil spell you cannot wait to dispel.

 I understand that breaking up is never the best feeling in the world but you need to do it in person. I feel the person deserves a fair hearing and a face to face meeting is always the best. You both should meet and talk. When you fix such a meeting you are not there to mend the relationship, moving on should be your focus always. The person might get dramatic but don't be distracted, you are there for a purpose BREAK UP.
Find a neutral zone where both of you will be free to talk. Meeting in a house to announce a break up is not a good idea, what if he or she gets violent. Make sure you are in a free and neutral place like a park. 

2. Make Sure They Are The First To Know.
 It will be a great mistake to start telling all your friends that it is over when the person is not even aware of it. Some even go ahead to start another relationship without ending it with this person officially. It will be a disrespectful thing and you will not leave a good impression behind. Ask friends for advice but make sure your decision to break up is private. 

3. Don't Start Avoiding Him/Her.
I know some of us are Pros at telling lies. You can lie for the whole world. When you are about to break a relationship please don't start making up stories of how sick you are and how you could not pick your calls. Some could start being dramatic by calling the person and just using a harsh tune. Some could even start making up all forms of allegations against the person so there will be a good reason to walk away. They begin to find fault in almost everything, they pick up fights from everything and everything. Its simply not fair. If it is over simply say it, don't make the other person go through a lot of stress trying to figure out what he or she did wrong.

4. Maintain Your Stand. 
 It is heartbreaking when you keep reconsidering the same guy or babe again and again. If you really want to break up, make up your mind and maintain it. Think about the resons why you want a break up. Gather your thoughts well. Know what you really want. Avoid running back to your vomit because you will likely vomit it again. Be honest but not brutal. Its important that you are firm in your decision.

5. Expect Negative Reactions.
  When you are the person who is doing the break up, you seem to have had enough time to process the whole thought of breaking up. The other person will have to warm up to it, don't expect the person to be all happy and jumpy. You both will definitely not be on the same page. It will take time, so be human. Understand it if the person does not want to hear from you again, kindly respect that. If the person decides to block you off in all social media and other ways possible don't be dramatic about it. They need time to actually get to where you are. Expect tears when it is a woman you  are breaking up with. So be sympathetic but firm.

Good luck moving on! This decision is tough but be courageous enough to do what is best for you.


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  1. Baddest Gabby in the house. Very enlightening article. I see someone nodding his head cos he just got the best punch line for a breakup lol. I broke up with a girl over the phone. Mehn it wasnt good at all. I myself was heartbroken.
    I dont plan breaking up againnnnnnnn.

    1. Llllooollll, breaking up isn't cool @ all. Its painful and it should be done well..
      over the phone breakup is the worst of all break up atrocities. Lllooolll

    2. I dey tells you. Well its good i learnt it the hard way...thanks for spreading the word out....we are more careful now

  2. Ify jesus HmmmmmMm, this your article no follow ooo but truth be told break up sometimes are unavoidable so like i'll always tell my friends,have an exit plan in all relationship till you get married. Don't you ever trust any girl with your heart. So you call it break up, I call it exit plan

    1. Should I agree or disagree with this your 'Don't trust any girl with your heart'? I disagree.. Having an exit plan when it is necessary is important but it shouldn't be our priority in all relationships. It takes more than just trust to build a relationship and when trust is missing, what will sustain sucha relationship..



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