Love Does Cost A Thing

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Hello loves, how has your week been? Mine has been great. Today's post is about Love. What
What do you know about love?

As young people alot of us grew up with the wrong perception about love. I remember being told that love was that strong emotional feeling for someone and one of the characteristics is that my heart will begin to beat faster whenever i see the person (Can't remember who told me precisely lllllollll). Well, i kept on waiting for my heart to start beating fast towards any guy, but my heart was stubborn. Until i met my worst crush ever, story for another day.

Another perception of love i had was that it was free and i do not have to do anything, it just comes on me and its forever. I honestly felt it didn't cost a thing, just like most romantic novels i read told me. All i needed to do was look so beautiful, attractive, and have a sexy body, then my handsome prince will meet me in distress one day. He will rescue me and take me as a wife, we then live Happily Ever After. Life taught me long and hard lessons.

Love cost a thing, it costs you something. For those of you like me who thought that love was free, will explain to you things i learnt about love through life.

how much is your love worth

Love is expensive: Most of us want to go into relationships without thinking of contributing anything because everything will be given to us. Love is damn expensive. You give a good amount of what you have, your time, your money, your intellect, your everything and sometimes come back without a reward. It costs so much that it takes only a giver to grow love.

Let's grow our love together.

Love Grows: I honestly learnt that love grows over time. It does not fall on you like ripe cherries. It takes time, it has to be nurtured and nourished for it to get to the level you want it to be. It is like growing a tree, you nurture it from infancy, water it everyday, put in fertilisers when needed and wait patiently.

You said you love me. Ok prove it!!

Love Is An Act: All along i have been thinking that love was an emotion. That it comes so strongly upon me and i loose all my sense of reasoning. It really is an act, its about the little little things i do to show i truly love. It's more of what i do physically, not more about how i feel. Its about the patience i have towards the other, my kindness, my gentleness, my being not easily angered etc. It's about me not putting all my needs before the needs of the other. It about me giving in my best into the life of the other.

God's Love is eternal

God Is Love: When i understood that God was my one and only best love, i also knew that no one can love me truly except that person loves God first. God has shown the whole of Mankind that he is a God of love. If you really want to understand love, you need to know God. God shows us love everyday he is constantly giving and never tired of giving, he loves you so much that even when you throw His love back at Him, He loves you still.

I Love you dearly my wonderful readers, don't forget to show love by sharing.

So friends what was your wrong perception about love.

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  1. my dear love can also cost you your freedom as it will require your full commitment to one person. when both works out their love diligently, the aftermath is joy overflow. in my opinion more of the work depends on the woman, she needs to be more understanding (prov. 31v10-31)

    1. Really!! Why does the bulk of the work depend on the woman?? Well its your opinion sha..

      Thanks for stopping by..



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