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4. Miss Big-mouth. I have heard a lot of guys say women talk alot. True, we love to talk. We love expressing our innermost thoughts. Women love to be heard, all you need to do is listen.  There are some women who have a high degree of the talking thing. With this kind of woman you have no plan or secret. She talks about anything and everything.


You could tell her about your plan to do something 5 minutes ago, and all her circle of friends are already in the know. Every move you make has been known by all her friends and sometimes family. It is absolutely difficult to control such a woman's mouth, she seem to derive pleasure in talking about everything.

Everyone should not know everything about you, but when you have such a woman. Sorry dear! You are in for it. Social media has even made it easier for such a woman, all she needs to do is to send a broadcast to all her friends (Laughs).

Miss Big-mouth, will tell whole world about your weaknesses and strength which could make you vunerable. Be careful.

5. Miss  Marriage. This kind of woman is so marriage hungry. You just met last week and she is already talking marriage. She is so obsessed with the idea of marriage that she has paused her life. She believes that marriage is the best thing that can happen to her. She is already planning a wedding with you even though you do not know each other so well. She is always talking about marriage and gets so emotional when you tell her to take things slow.

She is already taking your picture to prayer houses so you will marry her. She starts fasting and holding vigils so you could marry her.
These kind of women just need to understand that they just need to relax and marriage will come. If you are a man dating such a woman you need to be careful because she can go to any length to make sure you marry her. She just needs something strong enough to trap you into marrying her. It could be pregnancy or even black magic.

Miss Marriage believes that she can trap just any man into marrying her. Be careful.

6. Miss Beautiful-Looks. This kind of woman believe that her good looks can get her just any man she wants. She is so confident when it comes to her body. She is always conscious of how hot she is or how round her hip is looking. She is super arrogant and believes she is the best thing that ever happened to you. She tells you about how ugly you are and that you are privileged that she is dating you.

This kind of woman does not give her man any form of respect. She uses her looks to deceive men even you.  She is beautiful for photos, beautiful for outings but does not add value to your life. She is extremely lazy and is so ugly on the inside. She is just interested in running you down and does not care what happens because you are privileged that she is hanging out with you.
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Miss Beautiful-looks, is just empty on the inside and adds to value to your life, career or business.

To be continued...

Over to you dearies, let me know about the unhealthy women you know. Kindly leave a comment below. 

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  1. The overly career concerned woman. its all work work work work. its good to want to make it career wise but its foolishness not to balance or learn how to balance it with the home. she barely has time for herself talk more of you. she has to schedule meeting days with you.
    great post.

    1. Yes I do agree, some women are like that. They put career before you or anything. Career is very important but there just needs to be a balance.

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Lol i once had a miss glue and a miss marriage. It wasnt funny...it was by Gods grace the relationship was dissolved.
    I feel girls should develope a postive perception towards life and also never quit working on themselves no matter how complete they feel they are.

    1. Eyah, am really glad you were able to break up such relationship. It's actually not easy to have a healthy relationship with such women.

      Having a positive perception towards life is all we need.
      Thanks for stopping by.



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