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When i want to pretend like am serious. #Thelook
Happy new month to us all. In this month good and wonderful things will come our way and we will be blessed abundantly. Amen.

You will be wondering what kind of title this is lllooolllzzz. Ok let me give you gist *crosslegs*
You know my first hobby is speaking right! And my second hobby is blogging. Even from my blog name you will have a clue about my love for speaking. I have been speaking in conferences and events and professional, i am a teacher so you do the mathematics.

When i first sat down there, I was  nervous!!

I was invited to do a talk on radio last week on 'Abusive Relationships'. It was like a scar was been reopened. I just didn't want to feel vulnerable again. I rarely talk about my worst crush ever. I know how i have kept it under the carpet and forgiven my self and him. I now believe so much that every pain you go through is for a purpose.  Most times we find our purpose in life's worst events.  I knew i could relate so much to the topic. I was a teenage girl somewhere there before. I knew the struggle and how difficult it was to let go.
Abusive relationships are terrible. Most especially the emotional abuse. It actually took God's grace through prayers and study of Gods Word to have my self-esteem back. I remember crying my self to sleep in prayers telling God to renew my mind and shut down that memory. Will share my whole healing process in a new post later.

Selfie with  Lady B 

The host of the show 'LADY B' is such a wonderful woman, she is passionate about her job and we had a wonderful time. She hosts the LOVE CIRCLE every Saturday by 8.00am on Vision Fm 92.1 Abuja.
She has a beautiful voice too.

I got emotional when we opened up the phone lines for questions, some of the calls we had made me see the need why we should keep educating people and build a strong support group for men and women who are going through such. Most of the callers were men. Most times we feel that it's only women that are victims of abuse but men too do have there own share. Most especially in the sexual, emotional and financial aspect.
Sign of victory..

Cooking up some projects already. By God's grace will let you in when am ready to start. I am strong today, someone needs to be strengthened too.
Let's all share love this week. Strengthen someone today, make the right choices today.

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  1. i listened to the show, and i was dazzoled at the challenges people face in their various relationships. Emotional abuse being the most dangerous, but all forms of abuses are interwoven and i hope with you putting knowledge out there people would get enlightened.


    1. Thank you so much for listening,
      There are a lot of issues and we all need to be part of the solution..

      Thanks for stopping by..

  2. Awwww...i am.glad you recovered Gabby. Waiting for thethe gist on how you know how much i like gist now lol. Congrats and Cheer over the radio invitation...soon the tv station will be inviting you

    1. Amen about the tv own oh..
      Don't worry the gist will drop ASAP..

      Thanks for stopping by..

  3. Me too i have bin abused o, women have taken advantage of my honesty, innocence and sincerity.

    1. Awww!! Its so sad to hear.. Some people are just so cruel. Pele dear, am sure all things worked together for your good at the end.

  4. @ finess i feel your pain cus i've been their before, but let me ask, is it a crime to be nice,sincere, honest and faithful to ladies because they take advantage of nice guys so my question is should guys be nice while in relationship

    1. Hmmmm, I feel your pain bro. When you are nice some women will say you are too nice for them that they need a bad boy. Some do take advantage of good men but I tell you this, No good woman will want to take advantage of you..

      Please do not stop being nice and truthful. Soon you will meet a woman that appreciates you for you. Cheers!!

  5. Ify seriously i know these group of guys that use girl among themselves, they call it (through pass)e.g once one of them is done having sex with her he pass it to the next but still girls still rush to them. I pity for my generation

    1. Honestly it is so painful when you see such happening amongst young people. They tend to feel they are doing the right thing. Its important we that have a voice speak up against such acts. The worst part is that some women still prefer such men.
      It is indeed a terrible thing,

      Thanks for stopping by.



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