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We have heard that love overcomes everything, but is it shameless? We know love can withstand the past but how much can it take? How can I be loved shamelessly? My past haunts me down each time someone wants to love me, how can I meet this shameless lover?
These questions and many more has been asked by someone severally even today some have asked the same questions. Just keep reading.

I remember asking my roommates back in my University days if they could tell their future husbands about their ugly past. I got a lot of positive and negative reactions that day. Very few said yes but they will give just a short summary. They will not want to give details. So many said they will not give any details or clues until they tie the knot. They will start on a clean slate and not breathe a word. They said there is no need telling. When I asked them why, they answered “most men when they get to know of your past, freak out and change towards you, if they had plans to settle with you”. I believe this applies to men too.

They are absolutely right!! How many of you my dear readers will claim to love someone without shame even with a good and elaborate knowledge of the person's past mistakes. It is so easy to say 'I LOVE YOU' to someone we perceive as a saint, right!  Let us be frank, we all prefer the virgin girls who kept themselves diligently. We want guys with no baby mama drama. We want the guys who are innocent and have not broken a heart before. We prefer the balanced and safe people to love. No baggage and no drama whatsoever.

Truth is, we all have a little parcel or baggage we get into relationships with. That’s not really the main aim of this post, so let’s continue.

Some of us have read our bibles and have heard of names like Ruth, Tamar, Rahab and Bethseba. In the genealogy of Christ they are the 4 women that are mentioned. Let me analyze these women a little:

RUTH: She was a Moabite, she has been married before. I mean what does a Gentile have in common with a Jew. Her past disqualifies her from partaking in Gods promise.

TAMAR:  A liar, a cheat, she had sex with her father-in-law. What height of sin! She was a widow, married twice. How could the child she had out of sin and deceit be an ancestor of Christ?

RAHABA big time runs babe (prostitute). She was high class in her trade and everyone knew her for such. She watched men have pleasure with her every night and leave her when it was morning. She traded her body for money. How could such a woman be an ancestor of the Holy Christ?

BETHSHEBA: A beautiful woman who left her husband for the king. Her husband was killed because the king wanted to hide their adultery. Why didn’t she say NO to him? Why should she be mentioned at all? How could her son Solomon be the wisest man that ever lived?

If you watch these women closely, they had scars. They were deformed and couldn’t fit in into the society. They were women described to have low morals but God is not ashamed of them at all. He picked them up and made them women who stood out in the crowd. They had a terrible and stinking past that will make any right thinking man to say "NO, I can’t take such"! How could God pick up such women? They were full of shame and reproach but he loved them long and hard without shame. Those kind of love that only God gives. A love so full of compassion, mercy and grace. God is madly in love with you regardless of your past. He is a God of a millionth time over chance.

Most time we focus on the negative parts of our lives that it spoils our positive future. Why love only the good part of a person and never the bad. Most of us are haunted with issues of our past. We cry most times out of the pain. We seek for love through this pain but get disappointed. God does not categorize or evaluate you based on your past. We cannot change who we were or where we were but we have to chance to re-write our story today.

God knows your deepest secret but loves you and still want you. Though men have touched you, life has abused you, women mishandled you, circumstances betrayed you, He still wants you. YES YOU!! If a new man comes along don’t be scared of sharing your past. If they cannot handle the truth then they are to be shown the exit door. When you hand over your past and future to God, people who can handle it and love you endlessly will surely come along.

With the whole of my heart. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice week.

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  1. I dnt think I will stop loving anyone bcus of d past unless its something that will not allow us continue. I too am nt gud just saved by d grace of God so who am I to judge when I was nt judged .

    1. Am so glad to hear that from you dear.. It takes true love to understand that a person's past does not define the person..

  2. Great post.

    When sharing the past though, wisdom has to be applied. You can't meet someone today and spill it all out tomorrow.
    Be certain about where you are going with the person and give not a bit by bit detail but enough so he understands what's up.
    And again, don't meet someone today and start spilling it all out tomorrow. Check with the times and apply wisodm.

    But all in all, if the person can't love you as you are, with the past that God has washed you off, then make he boun

    1. Thanks, exactly.. One need to exercise wisdom oh. You do not need to tell just any man about your past. Some men/women are just in your life for different reasons and till the person's reason is clear, it's important you are patient.

      Thank you so much for stopping by..

  3. While 2 me b4 I cld tell u abt my past I v 2 knw urs so doin I feel secured..

    1. Hmmmm, and what if he refuses to tell too waiting for urs. Lllooll. Just saying sha.



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