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   Hello everyone !! It’s pretty amazing how many of you refrain from the goodies that lie before you for an electroplated gold that glitters in dark corners. It’s not difficult spotting a guy who loves you. Although with the trending nature of falsehood all over town, confusion settles into the choice one might make and affect the observations you record towards spotting who truly loves you.

   I am glad to be in this opportunity to preach what I have been practicing for the past one and a half years and it’s been so perfect for me and my relationship. 

   While I was growing up, it was pretty hard trying to blend been nice and been wanted. I observed that ladies term to love bad guys to good guys…initially it was so awkward hearing a girl confess her contradictory speech “I want a guy who love and cares for me” but I thought there are so many guys calling and checking up on you, especially that guy you take as a brother.

 Well this is not an article on how to get a girlfriend, indeed how to know a guy that loves you. For you to be fully knowledgeable of this kind of guy, you need to bear in mind these few subtopics:

Concerned over your personal growth and development:

This is one rare scenario; I mean who cares for others growth when they haven’t finished theirs? There is great joy in seeing someone come into that perfect maturity they were designed to be. A guy who truly loves you has passion in fetching out the best in you, mold your talent, strengthen your weakness, and skillfully assist you in achieving your goals. Though it’s not everything he has to do for you in order not to spoil you, sometimes he needs to leave you to make your own mistakes and learn from it but still he is there as a guide. 

Meeting your needs not wants:

This is where girls and guys get it all wrong. The fact that he might be wealthy  doesn’t mean you two should spend it all, or the fact that a guy is poor doesn’t mean he needs a yacht to make a girl trip. The basics of love need to be understood before money is infused. Money on its own brings love and admiration but when the foundation is faulty money ruins everything. Needs are more important than wants, a guy who truly loves you makes sure your needs are meant and anything outside that he disagrees and make sure you understand why he is taking such action. Its only desperate a guy that is ready to spend heaven and earth to have you, sooner than expected, it’s over because they can’t continue giving you that mirage treatment. 

Patience/ Respect:

A guy who loves you, respect your space and maintains his distance. He believes before he came into your life, you had some friends you were attached to. He talks to you politely, shares his views with caution but still not afraid to let you know how he feels. From his expression you can tell he is not intimidated or afraid of you, this however makes you the girl feel challenged and want to step up in several ways to impress or please him. It’s human nature to feel important when their sense of importance is questioned. (Tips for the guys)

An advice for guys (thank me later): Due to a ladies imbalance state of being, your attitude as a guy has to be imbalance as well. It’s your unpredictable nature that marvels and thrills them the more, every moment with you should be a new thing. Seek for new ways to glue the bond tighter and spark her heart with happiness.


I used to doubt this long before now, but I got to realize this truth can’t be contended. A guy that loves you is like Edward in Twilight. He is a vampire for sure but despite how tempted Bella’s blood called his name, he refrains from it. Any guy who takes you to be a sex toy is only damaging your life. He is adding no value into your system rather sowing seeds of regret, confusion, and most especially setbacks. If he can’t hold himself from you, he can’t hold himself from another girl. What is a true man if he can’t control his emotions and refuse to think with his two nuts called balls? 


I know there are lots of Christian brothers out there who pretend to love meanwhile they are wolf under sheep clothing. Well after you must have judged and looked for other factors, this factor is very important. A prayerful man is mighty man of valor. A guy who speaks well into your day via text, calls and chats is truly someone that has you at heart. You can see his intentions are good and not of evil to bring both of you to a profitable ending.
   It is no doubt that true love actually exist, it’s just how well you position yourself to be spotted by it. So bad many ladies are not at the right spot, mood, dress sense when that your dream man comes knocking. 
   On the other hand, my heart aches when I realize that there are virtually very few men who meet up to this requirement. Get working on yourself not for yourself alone but for the very person you will live the rest of your life with someday. I rest my case.

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