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Hello Wonderful people, so many of you will be wondering what I been up to, I have been going through a challenging period in my life. I have a lot of testimonies to share with you all. Am alive that's all that matters,thanks to God for His love. For now enjoy this post by Dubby, if you missed his last post click here

What is service? 

It is simply the act of helping or doing work for someone. Service varies, some could be mandatory, others volunteer but once as an individual you find yourself in a situation where service is needed be prompt to seize the opportunity.
 In rendering service one has to be submissive to authority that is.  Roms 13v 1-2. God in his infinite wisdom gives and allows authority to rest with whomever He pleases; it is not our place to question His choice all we have to do is to submit (the powers that be are ordained by God: there is not power but of God).

Often time we wonder why we are being placed under the authority of people we deem unseemly for such powers or positions. Truth is there is always a moulding of personality in such process; pitching your tent with the positive attributes of such a leader, correcting yourself with his negative attributes in turn making you a better individual. I have heard people talk about their mentors and people they look up to, indirectly what they are rendering is a service of being tutored by such individual. 

 I have a mentor i look up to in a certain area of life, but one area of his life i use to correct myself is in the area of financial prudence. Mentors are humans and have what they are yet to attain but having people who look up to them gives them courage to dive deeper and outwit the challenges they find besetting them.

You can be a mentor to someone not withstanding short-falls you encounter in your own life, all you need do is to keep working on yourself and surely when you overcome you would discover yet another thing, you are yet to conquer. Life is a race, you cannot stop having challenges to surmount until you have left earth.

One area of service i would love to dwell on, is service to yourself. Oh i know you are surprised, but the truth remains there are people out there who can’t render service to themself. They cant spoil themselves with gifts, make all they can; these are the people that i am talking about. It doesn't hurt to pamper yourself with the good things of life, in doing this you would not only be merry at heart you would know how best to render service to another person.
Have you ever encountered someone who see a buddy hungry and himself being hungry and has food at home would prefer to take such a friend on a stroll, for the friend not to part take of the meal he has at home, he can starve himself. You would need to love yourself first to be able to love others, in rendering service to yourself you would see the needs others have (vacuum yet to be filled) in their lives that you can voluntarily reach out to.

Acts of kindness to total strangers.

Rendering service to strangers, oh Abraham reaped greatly from such an act. There are ministering  angels around us, and selfless service to unknown people brings God’s unmerited favour our way. Recent times the world has taken advantage of this act of kindness, swindling people and have caused so many to turn their face from rendering help to strangers. The bible tells us not to be wary in doing well, so keep helping others and i bet you might help an angel in disguise as it happened in the time of old. I remember the day i read the story of Rahab that hid the spies from Israel that came to spy out the land God had promised them, her act of kindness alone secured her life and that of her family.. What a wonderful thing service to strangers can bring-forth.  

Lastly, service to spouse. Husbands are to render service to their wives Eph. 5: 22-25. This may seem a little ambiguous, but let me put it this way, help your wife since she is a help meet to you.  In little things that may not matter she needs to know that you got her back often than not.  I know of a bank manager who helped his wife to bath the kids at a point when their maid had to leave them, he restructured his schedule, though it wasn't easy but truth is he had to help his wife out. Some men can't cook but i know they can boil water, how difficult can that be..loll


Who do you think a wife is?  Most definitely not your house maid that carters for you in the day and also warms your bed at night.  Spouses must come together to render services of love and affection to each other.  Homes are being torn apart daily because of minor situations that should even increase the bond between them.  Are you married and you find it difficult to have a quality talk time with your spouse, how about you assisting your spouse when he/she is involved in a task, you would realise that your spouse had so much to talk about that you have not been availing  the opportunity for him/her to share.

Dubby is  a life coach, a counselor and a relationship  speaker. Let's not forget he is a minister of the Gospel. And my very own best special friend in whom i am well pleased.  For questions and enquiries email him:

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  1. What is life without service? nothing.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post, Gabby. :)

  2. Really, the synonym for Christian is Servant. God is your strengh Sis...looking forward to reading your testimonies.

  3. Thanks dear, am greatly enrich by this. Thanks



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