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The blessing of honour and promotion. (1 Samuel 16 &17) 
I like to talk about David the son of Jesse.  David as a young lad never ran away from tedious task that children in this time and age would. Task are meant to build us in itself.
Our courage, stamina, resilience are all affected by the task we had undergone  as young lads. David as a boy took it upon himself to render the service of a shepherd to his father’s flock. He was never told that he would be a king leading armies to war,  so he never knew what the future held for him. Through  rendering this service he was equipped for his future as the king of Israel . I have heard ministers of God say “God doesn't give the work of ministry to people whom he hadn't prepared for it”; that is the painful truth.


For David killing a lion and a bear built his confidence immensely. In reality if you can kill a lion and a bear  would you be afraid of a man? David portrayed this confidence in his response to his eldest brother Eliab while he carried on making enquiries in the camp of the Israelites. 1 Samuel  17 v 28-30.
His confidence spurred from his previous exploits in the bush 1 Samuel  17 v 34 -36. Understanding that the God of Israel was with him in time past during the course of service and is still with him, he knew he was victorious already.

In rendering of service you wouldn't know how much you have been impacted with for your promotion later in life. Rendering of service could be tough, but how would you have been enriched with the wisdom of life if you didn't sacrifice your yesterday for your today. Learning and the getting of knowledge is never easy.


One funny thing that struck me was the question King Saul asked after David had killed Goliath.. come with me to 1 Samuel 17 v 55 “...he said unto Abner, the captain of the host, Abner whose son is this youth? And Abner said, as they soul liveth oh King, i can not tell”. This does contrast 1 Samuel  16 v 18-22 where King Saul literally begged Jesse to release David his son to play the harp whenever the evil spirit troubled him.
Service would promote and honour you to the extent that those who knew you wouldn't recognise you anymore.

Service brings restoration.
One wonderful story that touches my heart is in Ruth chapter 1-3. Wives and mother-in-law most times don't click.  For whatever reason i can't say, but reading about a woman so devoted to servicing (taking care of) her mother-in-law, wows me. Does the name of the other daughter-in-law that Kissed Naomi and turned back ring a bell..well.. i don't think so, but service brought Ruth to that position where she got necessary wisdom from her mother-in-law to become married again and be happy. So first of she devoted her service to seeing that Naomi was taking care of and in return got her life back on track. How wonderful.


Consequently service is a trainer of people for greatness. What became Davids confidence booster was his encounter in the wilderness. It comes as service but it a builder of quality character, and an exposer of peoples true nature, it differentiates the strong from the weak, the active from the inactive, the efficient from the inefficient.

 Lastly service is a pointer for the candidate of favour.
With all said i know you would devote yourself to service ones the opportunity avails it self.

I love you keep serving.

Dubby is  a life coach, a counselor and a relationship  speaker. Let's not forget he is a minister of the Gospel. And my very own best special friend in whom i am well pleased.  For questions and enquiries email him:

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