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Happy new month, my wonderful people. Happy new era Nigerians. I believe new things are about to happen. Let's just have our peace back and we keep praying that this decision is indeed the right one. For those that are not happy, don't worry this regime will favour us. 

5 reasons why am happy the election is finally over :

 1. No more political tweets and posts. Am so happy oh,  finally we will have our social space back. Phew!!! No more political phone calls and emails. What a great relief. 

 2. Did anyone notice that everything has been on hold because of the election especially business. Money has not been flowing like before,people have been scared of investing.  People owing debts have been saying "after election". Ok!  Oya election is over pay your debts. 

 3. This election has been distracting.  What we need in Nigeria is not just an election, we just need you and me to make a difference everyday. Whether you have the best and world shaking leader, if you do not change things around you,  things will still remain same for you.  Let's have our focus back.  

 4. The economy will finally move forward, people didn't really know why the Naira was falling.  Our economy was at a stand still because of this election. A lot of us were no longer giving our best to our jobs anymore. We have only one destination now,  FORWARD. 

 5. No more quarreling,  breakups and tension. You cannot imagine how some people have been quarreling and fighting themselves because of election.  I know a lot of us have people we have decided never to speak to again because of their political opinions.  It's time to make peace.  Let's all move forward.  The tension is not good for us.  

Let's maintain peace and embrace one another. Keep speaking postive things about your beloved country. Postive things are going to happen.  Be the change you want to see in Nigeria. 
God bless you all. 

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  1. Loll! Nice one babe. I truly identify with 3 and 5 I think. I know a lot of people who became personal and insulting just because I did not bend to their political beliefs. Both leading party had "fans" (for lack of a better word)guilty of this.

    Well done and happy new month! Let the dollar come down o!

    1. Lllooolllzz, some of my friends started apologizing after the election.. The insult thing was too much.. So start apologizing. Wish you same dear..

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  3. Very interesting post, I ve been a victim of attacks on social media (facebook) because of my belief in the President elect, my brothers and sisters from the south East saw me as a traitor, one even said that I needed deliverance for supporting a man who is coming to Islamize Nigeria, I laughed at many of the arguements they put on the table, just like they refused to accept mine. Some swore that I was wasting my time as there was no way he was going to win...after the elections, you can't imagine how quiet they have become, most of them have taken sabbatical from social media as a result of the shock and for the sake of peace and the statesmanship exhibited by the outgoing president, I have refused to rub my "victory" and large, I hope Nigeria will be better with the incoming set up, it happened cos its the will of God, God bless us all.

    1. Amen, God bless us all. People will never see things the way yo see them..
      Am really glad we have crossed that phase peacefully.. God bless Nigeria.



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