The Mystery of the Woman Breast by Dubby

8:27 am

Women are wonderful creatures, carved, shaped and coloured by God. The technicalities and expertise used in their creation is second to none. Follow me in my state of humour but don't miss out the point of this wonderful series.
I love the woman folk, (but am glad am a guy though, don't think i would want to trade) fragile, gentle, caring, soft-hearted (not in all cases) intelligent , smart (some could showcase an attribute of an “oluku”(foolish)  but it has to do with environmental programming); they are simply wonderful creatures, and they pleasure the sight of men!
Have you been in a vehicle, possibly travelling long distance, say Lagos to Abuja, ever notice that the males in the vehicle would try their possible best to sit next to a female? I know you have done it before, yes you! Don't pretend. Wondered why?

The Woman Breast! In time past it wasn't anything to reckon with, our Mother's fed us with it, and sometimes left it uncover around the home without a care in the world. Our mothers used bras that look like sacks with iron hinges to hold it in high esteem and well girded. In present times, the knowledge of the impact it has on men has been exposed, to the point where our women go around in dresses that leaves nothing to the imagination about their boobs! Yes i said it.. BOOBS!

Wondered why a man feeds on his Mothers breast, after years still goes back to find succour in that of his girl friend and eventually his wife (actively competing with his kids ooh..)
When you meet a lady for instance what you  see first is the boobs hanging on her chest, not the face (this has been proven from a survey widely carried out amongst men of various ages). If you don’t believe me ask a guy by your side, he might feel so guilty to admit it to u
The power of sight for men triggers the brain that sends alerts/notifications to the sensual organ of a mans’ body, through this understanding the women folk have in recent times channelled their efforts in sending signals to the men folk from the breast, with reckless abandon.

Truth is, women are pleasant to the eyes of all Males. Deny it if you like. One singular fact is that more than 50% of women (old, young & younger) have unlocked this information (Using the act like a woman; think like a man strategy).  Women have understood the power of sight and the impact it has on the men and have deployed missiles that can wipe out a battalion of able bodied men.

The Woman's breast is mysterious no one can know it, many have searched its truth none have found the depths of its knowledge. But all i know is that Ladies have turned it into a weapon and you have got to be weary guys. Don’t say i didn’t share, they know what it does to us; all we can do at best is to keep our eyes off the oranges just to be safe.
 Bye guys and love to know what you have discovered about the Woman’s breast.

How to handle this mystery is coming soon.. 
Dubby is  a life coach, a counselor and a relationship  speaker. Let's not forget he is a minister of the Gospel. And my very own best special friend in whom i am well pleased.  For questions and enquiries email him:

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Have a lovely week. Love you all. 

P. S: Am still taking writeups for my upcoming series: The Abuse and Me. 

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  1. Lol...if not that this was a Holy post I for leak some secrets as well on how mysterious a woman's breast is.
    But boobs are two spongy, foamy, forever excellent set of attractive pairs that have multiple functions.
    I loved breast right from the womb, sucked for 3years and couldn't give up until I became sensible.

    I have also come to realise that just as we don't have a chance to choose our sex, a girl can't choose her set of boobs. Some flat, big, flappy, either way just keep yourself n protect your boobs so it can meet up its maximum potentials.


    1. Hahahahaha, thanks for the analogy.. Every man needs to know that a lot of women have unlocked this information and will stop at nothing to make sure they expose it..
      Men beware always..
      Christain women should desist from the if you have it, flaunt it attitude. Its getting a lot of us into trouble.

  2. Hiya mami, Happy Holidays!!

  3. Interesting way to put it. Bravo to the writer.

    Gabby, enlight me about your "Abuse and Me".

    Really nice blog.

    Bless up.



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