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Hello wonderful people, thank you for always checking on this blog and leaving comments , i cannot thank you all enough.  Love you all so much.

How many of you remember my radio talk on abusive relationships , if you missed it click here.  I was invited again some weeks back and we talked about Career Vs Marriage: which should come first for a woman. Is she to work on her career in her 20s and get married in her 30s. It has been a controversial topic as some people agree while some disagree.

Chinedu and Jennifer 

We had a wonderful time in the studio, it was supposed to be a girls talk (Myself, Jennifer and our host Lady B)  but we allowed a man to join us last minute 😁😁😁. This topic is really a controversial one and it is indeed an issue a lot of young women like myself are struggling with.  You know, the fear lot of us have is the fact that  we have seen some of our mothers give up their careers to raise us. We see the pain and dissatisfaction they went through just existing but never living. We then have decided that we will work till we are on top of our careers before we say yes to a  man so in that way he cannot stop us.

Strong  women!! 

The truth remains that the best career choice a woman can ever make is who she marries.  It is important as a woman to know who you really are and what your purpose in life is, so when you are choosing a man to say Yes to it will be someone who understands your kind of job, career or vision. Knowing your purpose is very important, it helps you not to make mistakes when choosing. The sacrifice involved when raising kids or having a family is not just for the woman alone. The man too has to be supportive in so many ways so as to help a woman create a balance between work and family.

Truth is your career is a part of you, you will keep working on it. Even after raising kids, there are women who still go ahead in their careers. It is not advisable to take career over family. We talked about scenarios of women who left their families and chose their careers but ended up having nothing at the end. You could be sacked one day, because you said something silly to your boss. Family is everything. Your family is part of your career and if you take it as your job you will experience total joy.

Chinedu, who was the only man amongst women was supporting men who allow their wives pick up less time demanding jobs because of their families. He said that sometimes women have to make such sacrifices so as to take care of the family, all the ladies in the house disagreed with him quickly. Including myself, my reason is this when a woman  works in a banking sector for instance and she is asked to take up a job in an educational sector so she can cater for the family she most likely won't be fulfilled.  Our men most especially African men need to understand that the role of taking care of a family is not just for the woman alone.  It is important that they have an arrangement or come to a compromise or just anything that works for them.  It is a joint effort so we both need to make our marriage work.

We had a lot to talk about we agreed on some and disagreed on some but above all we concluded that  THE BEST CAREER CHOICE ANY WOMAN CAN MAKE IS WHO SHE MARRIES. If you meet the love of your life while building your career, why not? You can get married.  And if you are still waiting for your love, keep working girl and the sky will be your starting point.

Join us again this Thursday by 7.00pm as we discuss another interesting topic.  For Abuja (Nigeria)  listeners, the frequency is 92.1 the station is VISION FM.

So my dear readers,  which should come first MARRIAGE OR CAREER? REMAIN BLESSED.  💋💋💋

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  1. nice line" THE BEST CAREER CHOICE ANY WOMAN CAN MAKE IS WHO SHE MARRIES " but it is not that straight foward, In my opinion it depends on the knowledge of your purpose or calling in life. there are some fields that have a lot to do with Age and peak period example Sports, so to achieve excellence in those fields then the sacrifice of not marrying is needed, but then who says marrying at 30 is bad, the average life expectancy of the world has been on the rise, 30 is the new 20. finally it boils down to what you believe will bring you fulfillment. as for me marriage all the way.WINKS

    1. Exactly it boils down to what will bring you fulfilment.. Which ever way its your choice..

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. Now I'm wishing I was there with you guys.

    This post is very striking, it is the kind that draws opinions from everyone.
    Often, it is easy to jump on the conclusion that women should put their dreams in a box and focus on their marriage probably till their kids are grown.

    Well, I am always on the other side of the coin...

    I believe dreams are God-given, they don't just pop up. Satan does not inspire people to do anything good and worthwhile.
    While I will not do anything at the detriment of my marriage, If God gives me a dream, I don't see any reason why I should lock it up in a box till my kids are make my marriage work...

    marriage I think is not just the woman or about the woman. It is a 2-person thing. If our marriage has to work, it should because we able to balance up our lives--career--family--and all.. together.

    On a general note, I think couples should agree with themselves and do whatever they can to keep their marriage and family together.

    Whatever anybody can do to make his/her marriage work, do it. No two relationships or marriage are the same, so what works for couple A may not work for Couple B.

    If resigning from your job and putting your dreams in a box till your children are grown (the popular mindset) works for you, then you do it, but that style may not work for another.

    Plus I think it is a 2-way thing. there should be a way of complimenting one another, so that the one who chooses to sacrifice his/her dreams doesn't feel cheated.

    I will chose my family over my business--when the circumstances demands, but not sacrificing my dreams...

    1. I can so give you a million HI-FIVES (lllooolllzz) for this comment, you summarized this post.. Its should be a two way thing. The husband and the wife work together to make it work out. Who said one cannot raise kids and still have a career. Thanks for this.

  3. Ify sorry about the long not.. LOL

  4. This is beautiful. Every woman should read this.



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