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One of the reasons for late marriage or heart breaking in marriage is wrong teachings from the so-called marriage counselors. You will hear the marriage preacher mentioned
in their teachings that “IF A BROTHER COME TO YOU FOR MARRIAGE THEN YOU SHOULD ASK HIM HOW MUCH HE HAS IN HIS BANK ACCOUNT” then you hear them saying “IF A BROTHER DOES NOT HAVE A GOOD JOB OR A NICE CAR THEN DO NOT ACCEPT HIS PROPOSAL” and many ladies in the hall will laugh and the preacher will feel big.

Yes, the so called marriage counsellors might be logical in the above statement as no one will allow his sister or daughter to go and suffer with any man, no one is praying for that. But what’s the word of God saying about this issue? That is why the spirit of God laid it on my mind to talk about this issue.

EVERY CHILD OF GOD HAS A GREAT DESTINY AND FUTURE. Hope you agreed with me that every child of God has a great future. No child of God is destined to fail in his life. As you accepted Jesus into your life then the life of God is impacted in you. All you need is to discover it in the word of God and enforce your destiny by the confession of your faith. But failure and success are by choice and God has already given us the power to make choices. Therefore do not blame God for how your life is; whatsoever you are experiencing right now is what you made a choice to be.

The Bible says that every child of God should be rule by faith. God is a faith-God and whatsoever you need from will be given to you by faith. There is faith that you must put to work before we experience God’s hand in our marriage.

The word of God says Pro. 18: 22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. The Bible says “whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing ” WOW. Every daughters of God are GOOD THINGS. UNTIL YOU SEE GOOD THINGS IN HER THEN SHE WILL NEVER BRING FAVOUR OF GOD TO YOU. Bible did not say “whoso findeth a working class lady”, Bible did not say “who so findeth a lady from well-to-to family” FIRST YOU MUST KNOW THAT EVERY CHILD OF GOD EITHER MALE OR FEMALE CARRY GREAT DESTINY. We all have glorious destiny in Christ Jesus.

Someone told me that “Pastor, we want to marry but we have waited for 5 years and both of us are not working and that is why we have not planned for our wedding” Oh faithless generation. Those people do not believe the word of God. The so-called marriage counselors have put fear in them that they will suffer if they get marry without work. WHO IS YOUR SOURCE? Is your source God or your work? Is your source family background or your God?

I got married to my wife Pastor Chinelo in September 2001 and both of us were not working then and we do not even have a home. I was squatting with a friend in Abuja then and we went for honeymoon at a sister one room in Wuse 2 for a month and God gave us a 2 bedrooms flat in Kubwa in Abuja a month after our wedding.

YOU GET MARRY BY FAITH (RISK). I have to use the word “risk” in place of faith. Go and read stories of many great couple today those are the one that took risk of faith. YOU MUST FACE IT. There is bridge of faith you must cross. The book of proverbs says ‘it is a fool that says that there is lion on the way. Yes, I have faced it and I am victorious therefore you also must face it.

Many brothers today are complaining that no job from their government and by divine destiny they supposed to be an employer of many. YOU CAN OBTAIN FAVOUR OF THE LORD. It is possible by faith. God did not designed marriage to fail. Marriage is honourable. Go for marriage today and face it by faith. Believe that the word of the Lord says that you will obtained God’s favor.

Prov. 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. Put you faith to work today and obtain God’s favor. Let me ask you this question, Do you want your life history to be titled “FROM GRASS TO GRACE” oh you will like that. You have to start and face life by faith. You have a great future and God’s favour is available for you as you stepped into your marriage by faith. DO NOT BE LAZY WITH YOUR DESTINY MY DEAR, faith the good fight of faith and become victorious in life.

When you find a daughter of God to marry then both of you should hold your hands and confess Gods favour in your relationship and launch out by faith and face it.
Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

Written by Pastor Benson Adeoye. 

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  1. Ify what you just said don't happen in this our generation again, what 95% of girls want to see the husband to be with a car (2013 model upward), the guy must use expensive phone (iphone) living in maitama,asokoro or lekki in lagos with all the beautiful things of life that money can buy without even asking or knowing what the guy is doing. As for the marriage counsellor's, they are just like out pastors who only tell people what they want to hear just to have their money. We really need a serious re-orientation in our generation. May God help us all. Thanks ify

    1. Honestly we are really breeding a faithless generation.. Who are only concerned about what they can see.

  2. Well said, Faith works because God is working. I still believe that there are still Ladies whose idea of self worth is mot materialism. There are still 'Marys' among 'Delilahs'

    1. Yes there are still Marys whose faith in the unshakable God makes them take fearless steps..

  3. This is wonderful, but I hv to remind us that faith without work is dead. At the upper part of dis post u asked that "what is God saying" I think we shud dwell more on the will of God than having a baseless faith. Every faith being applied shud hv a word of God backing it up. If u meet some one to marry, the next question shud be to knw if God wants you guys to marry now or to wait for some time in order for him set the ground rolling for you. When you are out of the will of God and still applying faith you suffer in that marriage.
    Lastly I disagree the first person who commented bcus what he or she said is happening mostly outside the confines of Christendom. God still virtuous women in stock for us. Thanks Ify, I love this post.



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