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It took 6 painful, joyful and purposeful years to get here.  I remember when I finished secondary school (high school) in 2008, wasn't sure what I really wanted to do with my life, wasn't sure about the person I really wanted to become.
I prayed that God would just direct my paths, which he did.  In 2009, I got admission to do a remedial program for one year in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. After which  I was going to be admitted into any full course program.


At that point I knew I always wanted to be a teacher, I knew I wanted to always speak, I knew God wants me to be a person who impacts the younger generation and tell His good news to the nations. I knew I am a problem solver. I knew my purpose already during the course of that one year. I wanted to study MATHEMATICS EDUCATION.  It was weird, some people made jest of me and thought i wasn't in my right senses.  After sometime! I changed my mind, i wanted to be a medical doctor just like every other person i knew.  I knew it wasn't my purpose in life but i wanted to be with everyone else. I wanted to be cheered on along with the crowd.

  After one year, results were released. I failed BIOLOGY, how was i to be admitted to read medicine without passing biology?? I cried.
At that point i didn't realize the hands of God leading me to the right path even through the pain. We were allocated our various departments after sometime.  I remember checking other medically inclined department's list rigorously. I was checking for my name over and over again. I got tired, it's been hours of checking over and over again pressed by a huge crowd of enthusiastic students like myself.


I gave up the search for a while, then noticed a list  only very few people were around. Walked there reluctantly.  Lo and behold! saw under the big caption. "MATHEMATICS EDUCATION" my name.  I laughed. God must be playing tricks on me. Never ever was i going to read that course for 4years. "Every one hates teachers" I said.  "Am too bright to be there".  Called my parents immediately and told them how i was never going to study that course. They were disappointed I didn't get the medicine I wanted. They encouraged me still said I should be patient and just start with what I have. Reluctantly, I walked back home that night. The weight of the whole world was upon my shoulder.
A scripture was dropped in my Spirit "not by power, nor by might but by my Spirit". I had given my life to Christ some years back but at that point was battling with some addictive sins. I wasn't just cut out for some scriptures that night. If I had seen God that night, we might have gotten into a fist fight.. Lollllooolllzz.


 After my period of mourning, I reluctantly started attending lectures. After 5 years I am so grateful to God for the rough paths he took me through. There are so many testimonies I have to share but will leave it for later. I am so grateful for the person God has formed me into.  He moulded me through thick and thin. He never gave up on me and he made sure i trusted him totally.

2013 - teaching practice 

Is your mathematics teacher this beautiful?? 

Today I am proud to be a teacher, met wonderful friends, I had wonderful memories, came out strong through very tough times and  am getting better. I attended a wonderful fellowship while on campus. Saw the move of God more than ever in my life. My purpose became clearer (this blog is one), just can't explain it all. God directed my path, though they were not smooth, I made mistakes,  learnt,  laughed and  had victories. Came out with not just my degree but a lot more.


Even if I have not learnt anything at all, I have learnt to trust Him with everything i have. (The Message)  Habakkuk 2:2-3 And then God answered: "Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what's coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn't lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. It will come right on time.

(Just wanted to post a few pictures, didn't want this post to be picture overloaded).

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  1. Lol.. everybody should always learn to look back and be grateful for how far God has brought them. Only then can u be in the right frame of mind to overtake the future.. I enjoyed seeing this photos all over again

    1. Am glad you enjoyed them.. Thanks for laughing first though.. Lllooolllzz

  2. lol i had similar story, wanted accounting but given accounting education... i am grateful for everything and all the experiences.

  3. Having spent most of this turbulent years with you both as close friends and as work mates, in day and night, am so proud of you. You are one of the ladies that when they speak every where must be quiet bcus ppl must listen. You discovered purpose on time. In fact I will call you and tell you "I love you". But wait lol... This your 2011 pix eh, ha ha ha if I finish laughing I will come and complete my comment.

    1. Where do i start from?
      Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend to me, we had our moments, i also knows i can be hard atimes but u never stopped telling me. Ify, listen to me!! We argued, yelled and still had nice times. U definitely brought out the best in me n am ever grateful..
      About that my 2011 picture am still a work in progress. Lllooolllzz.. Waiting for the cal oh..

  4. Lolllz,Pictures can be very funny most time, i can imagine the transformation from a girl to a very pretty lady. Ify indeed it has been a journey for you and Congrats for overcoming and coming out very happy with the course you read in school. Am one person that will ever be grateful to God for meeting you as at the time we met,your indeed a sister,a friend, a counselor, a supporter and finally a teacher(nwa teacher). I see a great and bright future ahead of you.

    1. Amen thanks dear. Now you want to make me cry..

  5. I really thank God for your life. Finding one's calling early in life is a necessity for all-round success. There's always a point of realization. I'm glad you found yours in time. Because no matter how far anyone goes in the wrong direction, it never leads to the right destination. Unfortunately, many still find it hard to disengage and take a u-turn in the right direction. God help us.



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