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I was the worst time manager. It's been an issue for me for a long time and it was beginning to give me cause for concern. I kept day dreaming about the day I will begin to manage my time effectively. I always have overbearing things to do sometimes just the thought of doing them makes me tired and I simply procastinate.
I forgot a lot, I was always having this issue with forgetting tasks appointed to me. Ask my parents *laughs*they have had a big share of my "ha!! I forgot". For some people they labelled me a bad person, not serious or just hate me because am always late for meetings with a genuine excuse and a big "I AM SO SORRY SMILE". This attitude was worse in school, I go for lectures late, I always walk so fast, therefore neglecting people I should have said HELLO to because I was always trying to meet up with one  appointment or the other. Some labeled me A SNUB too.

I am working on a project with a friend of mine Albert one beautiful day we scheduled a meeting for 5.00pm at a park. You won't believe i was still dressing up by 5.00, I  made a few stops with Dubby who was helping me to get to my destination. Getting to the park was another hassle thanks to Abuja evening rush. I got to the park by 6:30, the meeting was supposed to last 2 hours and we spent just 30 minutes *phew*. After the meeting Albert smiled at me and said "Gabby, will give you a course to go through about time management". Thanks to you Albert.
I went through the course and i must confess I am now a better time manager. Am not yet there but I must confess am more productive and happier.

I will share with you all the tips i learnt from the coursework.

This used to be me

 1. Multi-tasking is the worst time eater, thief and productivity killer. I always used to crown myself as the Queen of multitasking. I can do almost three things at the same time. I discovered that when i multi-task I MAKE A LOT OF MISTAKES, AM SLOWER, IT TAKES LONGER TIME AND I AM ALWAYS TIRED. When you take one task at a time you save your self a lot of time and your work will come out good. These days my tasks are easier to complete and procrastinating to-dos has reduced drastically.

 2. Use your calendar to appoint time to all tasks. I must confess, before this course I cannot remember when I last opened my calendar. It is one application on my device I rarely use. If you want to manage your time effectively you will need to appoint time to your tasks. When a meeting is scheduled you could set a reminder on your calendar.
 I  realized that since i started using my calendar I have been more productive, sometimes I finish tasks even before the scheduled time and still have spare time for other things.

 3. Write down your unprocessed ideas and thoughts. So many times we have a great list in our head. Ideas are so many they even begin to spill over. Write them down, give your brain a breathing space. Those unprocessed thoughts will always pop up when your trying to do something productive. Having them all clumsy in your head will just occupy space and make you forget things.

 4. Learn to say "NO, I WON'T BE FREE, CAN WE RESCHEDULE". In time management you will have to say more NO than YES. When there are meetings or event that are not scheduled already coming up at a time you've already scheduled for something else, you need to reschedule. Or simply you work on your tasks earlier to accommodate the new one. Truth is we all want to do good to all men but you will need to work with your scheduled time. I am now a NO sayer especially to my friends and family who just give you tasks to do when your scheduled to do something else or I just simply adjust my schedule.

 5. Do away with activities that won't benefit you. So many times we spend time on tasks that do not simply benefit us directly. Like spending time talking and chatting over issues that do not benefit you. Spending tonnes of time on social media  just like myself. My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stalking time has reduced drastically.

 6. If you can delegate a task, kindly do that. You can delegate so as to give yourself time for other things.

No one is perfect we are all striving towards it. Life is all about making changes. Just keep trying to be a better person, don't give up.

Stay blessed. If you missed my last post click HERE

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  1. Thanks for those key points Gabby... They will be most useful to me.
    I usually set my wristwatch about 5mins ahead of the normal time. It works magic for me oo... you can't imagine. lol.

  2. Your welcome dear, lllooolllzz..
    Sometimes i tried to set my time that way. It never just worked for me. Am glad it works for you.


  3. I forgot to mention it in comment section of your last post; Gabby your 'Do It Yourself' secondary hair looks really good and fits you perfectly. I felt really relieved when you called multi-tasking a time 'stealer' and energy-drainer... Still working on meself. Tenkyo

  4. You ve just given us the ingredients for life

    management....keep it up



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