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For a man or a woman to cheat it's a No No. Relationships are sacred and should be guided with all diligence. Its a promise that one should keep. BEING FAITHFUL!! but as humans are we always faithful? No.  See we sway so many times. Our flesh is so much at war in us that we end up doing the very things we said we won't do.  Can we  be faithful? Yes!.

There was one story that got everyone talking sometime ago.  The Toke Makinwa's saga.  I honestly have been trying so hard to mind my own business till i saw her vlog yesterday. (She vlogs well if you ask me, she is funny too. I also loves the way she bumps her head up and down. Lol.)

Enough about her!!

So she did this vlog about #youarebetteroffalone interesting topic but I kind of think this is not actually the right time for that.  What do I mean? She just had a trending marriage-troubles buhaha. It is also not good because she is beginning to sound so much like the victim.

So why am I putting up this post.

In relationships we are not perfect. There is no Mr or Mrs Right. Deal with it.  We are all working towards perfection. I am not supporting the men or women to cheat. But heaven knows people will always cheat,  So how do we as women/men deal with this virus that we are sharing up and down.

I mean you are in a dating relationship and he/she cheats. In a Christian relationship and he/she cheats. How do you really heal? See I think I am a bit qualified to talk about this I have had my own fair share of Men's heart breaking hopping *sideeye*

 1. Cry when you hear the story. See crying is a good way of letting go of pain and betrayal. Yes! Yell if you want to, cry if you want to. But please don't tear photos or break valuables things to let go of the pain.  You will regret it!

 2. Tell a matured friend. When you are going through this moment, talk to a matured friend preferably A Christian who will give you right counseling. Remember you are hurting, talk about it with the right person but please don't tweet about it.  The whole world must not know what is going on.

 3. Hear him/her out. The truth is at this point you can do a lot of irrational stuff but please and please give this person audience. Its important you hear this person's side of the story especially if you got the find out about the betrayal. It's important you hear the gist from the horses mouth.

 4. Forgive. I didn't say continue the relationship, I just said forgive. See forgiving someone can hurt so much when you trusted the person with all your heart and the person threw it right back at you. Forgiveness is a must do. Remember love forgives even though at that point all you want to do is get away from the pain, please forgive.  The truth is you shouldn’t allow bitterness to take root in your heart. You could even die anytime so forgive so you wouldn't miss heaven.

 5. Pray. I know you are at a cross road right now but please pray.  Tell it to God the way it is. Prayer is the key,  it does work.

 6. Don't make any decisions. See at this point make a choice to slow down in any decision you want to make.  You might make a mistake when you make any decision in that state. So many people take rash decisions at this point but honestly, it is not the time. Don't say you will never go back to the relationship because things can still work. Don't say you will go back because things might not work.

Sweethearts, please don't play the victim and the other the villain. In this life of emptiness there is always a root cause to everything. It could be from the person's personal issues or some other things. Take responsibilities where you know you have made mistakes.

 We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. When you want to make a choice. Ensure its a choice that is good for you. Not all relationships are worth trashing, some are worth saving.

Friends that's all I can say for now. If you have any other tip, kindly share the comment section.

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  1. How often do we ignore "root causes" of many challenges we face, even in our relationships.
    Gabby, thanks for speaking as always. Your points, I have noted and am sure will be helpful.

    1. Yes, most people always ignore the root cause most times.
      Your welcome dear

  2. Yea...all these are good tips but most important is the aspect of hearing him out. communication is very important, either to build a relationship or to break it peacefully. And lastly, I don't think you are fare with this post as you directed the whole cheating stuff to men. Most ladies cheat than guys.

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    1. I know i was not fair because men too get heart broken, will do a post for you guys too..

  3. Nice post!


  4. wow this is serious, Ify this topic of yours is quite interesting, like you are seeing beyond the ordinary...in a case where its the woman that cheats what happens?



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