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I just wonder, How did Abraham feel when God told him to leave his father's house? God was taking him to a destination he didn't understand and couldn't even have ever thought of.  Did he get to the destination? YES.
He got there and God fulfilled His promises to him. God was telling Abraham he was going to be the Father of many but still he didn't even have one heir. Can God be crazier than  Abraham must have thought. No wonder Sarah laughed when the Angel said by this time next year! Mama Sarah if we were friends at that time we would have laughed over that joke together over freshly pressed wine.  Was it fulfilled  OH YES!! Has God made a promise to you that from where you are it is just so unrealistic. Sometimes you don't even have the confidence to say to a friend of yours  TRUST GOD. God is not a liar, we tell ourselves lies by doubting His promises.

Right now am just shutting my eyes and allowing God lead the way. I really want to follow Him blindly. You know I used to have it all figured out. My next plan, my next move, they all seem to be attached to a particular time frame . For real being a Christian can be difficult sometimes. You wonder, why can't you just do it the way every other person is doing  it. Yes! I know God doesn't fail but from where I am now I just wish he could hasten things a little bit. Yes! Am writing to post to confess my sin of Unbelief.  Was Mama Sarah at this point sometime ago, Oh Yes she laughed.  Same thing I do these days just laugh. God's Word is a great force, it doesn't go back to him void. Yes it doesn't but sometimes just like Mama Sarah His words don't just correlate with reality. They are not even supposed to correlate with our reality, He is the true reality.

See friends, I don't know why am writing this post.  These days I want to blog on something else and He leads me to write another. I just want to shut down the noise of the world (the fake reality).  I really want to trust Him more. I keep praying for His grace to trust him through this season. I  just want Him to keep reassuring me that everything will be alright.
So lovely people trusting the true reality when the fake reality is screaming loud is tiring. I don't know what you desire, He will do it for you. What have you been praying for? Believe Him, don't doubt please. Let's stop doubting friends. I can't count things how many things I have learnt. Most especially CONTENTMENT.


This photo  is special.  I took it myself,  learning photography. You people with photographic eyes oya judge!! 

Happy Father's day to my hero. My first boyfriend who allowed me pick hair from his chest and beards. lol. This man spoilt me silly by always telling me I was beautiful. Guess that's why am so confident. He was my first pastor led me to Christ at age 7 even though I couldn't really understand what he meant. I can't just say it all but all I have to say is I CAN TALK A LOT ABOUT MY FATHER. He is a father to many and he is most especially a priest and a friend to me.

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  1. Oh dear! Thank you so much for this post. God keeps talking to me about trusting Him completely, and I keep asking like Mary, How Shall This Be?

    PS: Gabby, your dad is a star. He made you into a beautiful and confident woman. Blow him kisses for me. :)

    1. Yes trusting God totally is the best thing that can ever happen to you..
      He has received your kisses already..

  2. Complete trust... that's the definition of true relationship with God.
    Thanks for this one Gabby.

    1. Yes, it is only a deep trust in God that can make us survive the rollercoaster called life..

  3. Great Post as Usual from Mega Gabby, many of us do not fully submit to God's leadership, sometimes we tend to assist God do his work, by worrying over circumstances we don't have control over...may God help us

    1. Mega Gabby ke!! It think it should be more of MegaTunde.
      Yah, we don't really have total control in life, sometimes we might have a perfect plan to us but God had the best plan for us..

    2. Mega Gabby ke!! It think it should be more of MegaTunde.
      Yah, we don't really have total control in life, sometimes we might have a perfect plan to us but God had the best plan for us..



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