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Many marriages and relationships  has been broken or destroyed by the activities of false Pastors and Prophets around us.

God's word should be our standard and the curse of God is upon those using it to destroy others. The Bible says in Prov. 18:22 whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

The standard of God is for a child of God to marry a child of God. A child of God should not marry an unbeliever. Paul say what agreement with light and darkness.Many are looking for the will of God in marriage and How can you know that your relationship is God's will?

Study Num. 36:1~6 and in verse 6, Moses gave them the will of God that `Let them marry to whom they think best. That is to say that should marry whom they like(love). They use the word 'like' because you might not love the person when you met him or her. Give him a chance because love grows. It can grow from likeness to love.

In the new testament, Paul told us that we should marry a child of God. That is to say that, THE WILL OF GOD IN MARRIAGE IS TO MARRY A CHILD OF GOD WHOM YOU LOVE/LIKE.

Today, the prophets and pastors are breaking marriage and relationship. When a child of God are in relationship and they loved each others the bibles say in Prov. 18:22 that they have obtained favor of the Lord I.e. God's approval.

For a prophet or pastor to say to a brother and sister who is about to marry after years of courtship that God told him this is not your wife. Then who is his wife?

The brother broke her heart and he is left to start afresh looking for a wife. Many stories of heart breaks by these men of God.

I know a brother of 38 years who was ready to marry a daughter of God but the prophet told him not to marry that the sister can not give birth naturally. The brother was scared and ready to cut off a relationship of four year.

He called me for counselling and he caught the revelation of Prov. 18:22 and was encourage to proceed for marriage. He got married to the same sister and God bless him first with set of twins and he has other children and he is enjoying his marriage.

The word of God says you have Gods favour. Do not doubt God favour in your relationship and you start looking for the will of God in relationship.

God does not choose a mate for anyone. There is no where in the bible that God choose for anyone. God can lead you, He can show you but it is your responsibility to make the choice.

Stop sending names of your fiancees to any Pastor or Prophet to pray with if they are your Gods chosen spouse. God does not choose spouse for anyone. The choice is yours.

All you need to do is to look for a child of God that you love and suitable for you then that is the will of God for you.

Let's agree God Himself called from heaven that John, you MUST marry sister Jane. Then. John married Jane. My question is, as John married Jane. Are you saying John and Jane will never have any disagreement at all as a couple?

My answer is they will have disagreement , because they are human from different backgrounds.  They are not perfect.

If a child of God married whom he loved and they must have disagreement and crises but they should settle and lives in harmony.

Then someone who married because of a prophet matchmaking  them. He thought he should have a crisis free marriage. Eventually there is disagreements  in his marriage and he wrongfully believed that the marriage is not of God then he seeks for divorce.

It is a shame that divorce is high among Christians because of wrong teachings. What God has joined together let no prophet or pastor put asunder.

Holy Spirit can guide you in your search for a mate but the choice is yours. The success of your marriage is not how or who you marry to but how you tolerate your spouse and allowing the word of God to rule your home in love.

No one can curse your marriage stop believing lies of the devil. Marriage is already blessed in the beginning. Apply the word of God and marry without any delay.

Pastor Benson Adeoye

I have had a lot of nasty experience with these fake prophets and pastors which i will share with you all in a later post.

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  1. i love this post, thanks for sharing, i totally agree with this school of thought, too much fakeness going on around d world

    1. Am glad you loved it, the level of fake prophets in our generation is terribly high and they keep deceiving their victims..



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