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Hey everyone, how are you all doing. It has been a long time (clears cobwebs). No one even bothered to check up on me *sobs*. I had one of the busiest weeks of my life and honestly it wasn't funny. I was so exhausted but i survived it.

gabby+DIY wig

 Yay! I made  a DIY wig for myself because I had a friends wedding to attend, was part of her bridal train. (Happy married life Chinyere,  May God bless your home abundantly). I have been rocking it everywhere. Its so comfortable I even wear it to sleep. What i love the most about this wig is that i get to take care of my hair easily. I  must confess i was scared I was going to fail. I had watched and re-watched all YouTube videos I came across. A lot of people told me i couldn't do it but i did.

In life when you are getting set to take new steps or take some kind of risks people will certainly ask if you are in your right senses.  I was  told I was just wasting my time but it came out great. It is not perfect though a few rough edges here and there but am so happy i had to share it with you all. Will still do more for myself. I have really learnt a lot since I started this Healthy Hair Journey but sometimes I slack sha.

Manage my photos, i didn't have time to take enough of them

Being busy so much has opened my eyes to a lot of things, as a Christian its important we put God at the centre of all the running arounds. When we get so busy that we hardly have time to pray or study the Word of God it is a very dangerous place to be in. Trust me it is. No matter how busy you get still have a little Five minutes to say a word of prayer or two. I honestly fell into one kind of temptation i could have ordinarily passed over but i was not alert in the Spirit. At a point I began to get angry and was beating myself up. Thanks to God for his love and mercies I am better and stronger.

The devil always seize any little opportunity he sees to take a step and he runs a mile. It is important we do not give the devil a chance by neglecting those things that are important to us as Christians. Our lives should be full of constant praise, prayer and the Word.  The devil attacks when we are at the weakest points in our lives.  Sometimes when we are so busy should be when we pray more. The devil doesn't take a vacation but we as Christians do take a lot of vacations and expect that we will have the strength to withstand the enemy. Never give up, never let go. God has never given up on you. Dust yourself up, face life with a great determination to be a better Christian.

Stay blessed. If you missed my last post click here

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  1. It means a wig you Do yourself.. DIY means Do It Yourself..

  2. All I can say is praise God

  3. God is always faithful, even when we stop looking up to him. Hmm!
    Thanks for reawakening my spirit.

    1. He is so faithful, no one can tell me that God doesn't love me, His love is truly unconditional..

  4. Great article...
    You look gorgeous...keep pushing your boundaries

  5. Thanks dearie, will keep pushing them boundaries..

  6. Getting too busy is an all indicating sign that one is about to miss out on something very spectacular even though it feels like getting to reach one.



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