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Have men ever lied to you. Obviously, men lie to women a lot. I have had my own share of all these lies. Dear ladies lets share those  lies you have been told. Lol

 1. I will die of waist pain if I don't have sex with you. 
This is obviously when a guy wants sex by all means possible.  He was even crying, you can imagine the fake pain he was in. Lol.

 2. I  love you more than my mother.
 Don't mind them oh, Love you more than their mothers is a lie.

 3. Am I fat?  No, you are just chubby and I love you that way. 
See, when a man loves you he will want you to be secured and your confidence intact. So, he doesn't want you to worry. If you feel you are getting fat, kindly find a gym near by sister!!

 4. Just one kiss.
 Don't allow, I say abort mission. Most times when a man sees you are reluctant to have sex with him. Just that one kiss and the rest will be history. Well for some guys it ends there,but never be so sure.

 5. I love your cooking.
 For real some men can just lie about cooking. When you cook well you know it for sure. And when it is not tasty it is surprising that men say you cooked well.  Please ladies if you really want to know how you cook ask females around you.

 6. Trust me I can never lie to you.
 A friend always tell me, never trust anyone who says 'trust me'. Men lie to make us women feel better. They know we are moved by what we hear, so!!

 7. You are the prettiest woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Are you for real. Please don't tell me that lie again abeg. I know am pretty but every woman is also pretty.

I think I have exhausted the list I  can remember. Ladies tell us the ones they have told you before.

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  1. Funny... I'll just stand by and learn new lies for the babes, after all like you said Gabby, men lie to make women feel better. It's quite unfortunate, but from what I have observed too, you are not far from the truth... Women and LOVE LIES eeehn!

    1. Hehehehehe, a friend told me that we hate the truth. But u no sometimes the truth hurts but it is important we know the truth so we can be better...

  2. Lmho! Gabby, I love this post. Men can lie for Africa. But it's not their fault sha. We sef like to hear the lies.

    Women are moved by what they hear.

    1. Exactly sis, please how can we harden ourselves so we can hear the truth and not feel so bad..

  3. Many women love romantic lies. They hate blunt truth. It seems to affect their esteem. They seem to blossom in the glow of romantic fibs and fakery. They adore players who have mastered these arts and cry later when the realities of serious relationships set in.
    Good truthful guys seem dull to a many women.

    1. You are telling us the real truth dear. Most of us love romantic lies..

  4. These are funny and real. I love it!

    Alice @ www.protectyourglow.com

  5. These are funny and real. I love it!

    Alice @ www.protectyourglow.com

  6. But wait oh!!! Women lie too nah!!! SomeboRRy once said... Duru I will never leave you while we were going all mushy mushy and kissy kissy on each other at Abuja in March I think... In my mind I was like Yimu... iPray oh!! Me that Owu is killing... By the time one Oga Americannah comes nah... me go become past tense... **crying in Spanish.... so this was a very ghen ghen post... **winks... and the picSHurs are just amazing to look at... lmao...



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