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Can you imagine? Can you imagine a world without pre-marital sex. I sat one day pondering what our world would have felt like or looked like if nothing like that ever existed. These are my findings from my thoughts.

 1. No STD.
 Can you imagine our world without STD. There will be nothing like John infected me with blablabla. We might have had little cases of HIV. Most people wouldn't have to fight each other because of them.

 I just lost a close relative to AIDS recently and honestly sex is not worth it. It is not worth the pain and anguish we felt letting go of such a sweet lovely promising lady.  Till we meet again lovely sis (RIP).

Some of these veneral diseases do not have symptoms for a very long time and renders some people impotent and childless in marriage. Yes, they say use condoms but why will I have to leave my life to the mercy of a mere little rubber. If you have ever had unprotected sex before and you are to go for a HIV test, you know how scared you feel. You can never tell if the next lady you will be with is infected.

 2.  Fewer disappointments
 For men it wouldn't be a big deal. They can  have sex with any woman without even feeling a thing for her. But for women they have sex with only people they feel a connection with, Sex is emotional for us. It is a spiritual worship. It is mental. Maybe we wouldn't have had the number of broken women we have now.

  When sex has been involved in a relationship and it is broken the pain is greater and has more impact on the person. It will be easy to let go and move on from a bad relationship when sex is not involved. You know there are soul ties actually formed during sex. When you have sex with someone you take a part of them with you whether you like it or not. Just imagine you being joined with all the cute guys and ladies you have ever had sex with. *coversface*.

Some of us will be having a long chain of men and women attached to us.


 Just imagine the rate of baby mama's we are beginning to have, if there was nothing like sex may be we all would have been married before having kids.  We would have fewer kids from single parents. Every child needs a complete family to function well with, every father has a great influence on the child so does every mother.

 You know some say a woman can be everything to a child but a woman can never be a man or do the job of a father in the life of the child. We will pay with great pains the vacuums we are creating with single parenting.

  I did a research on single parenting and the effects on children's academic performance and I can say that it is not advisable to follow the trend. But the more we do married peoples stuff the more we create incomplete families.

 4.  No need for Abortion. 

You know if there was nothing like sex we wouldn't be talking about unwanted pregnancies and unwanted babies. Every child will be seen as accepted and loved.  We all will be given a chance to live from birth.

 We all have to right to be given birth to.  Abortion is not only dangerous health wise, it leaves a psychological vacuum on the mother.

Finally, with all these said I know I wouldn't be able to change the world but you reading this can change a lot of things. You can change you and in turn change your world.

True love waits, Yes it does.

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Love you plenty. *kisses*
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  1. Preach it, sister! My mum always say save it till you get married. There's no point being in a hurry to have sex before marriage when you can have it for as many times as you like (and get tired of it) after marriage.

    1. Your mum is very right sweetie, just that we the young ones find it hard to listen and obey..

  2. This article is so on point..the eorld would have been saved a whole lot of stress if there is no premarital sex

    1. Indeed we would have saved ourselves from all the wahala it comes with..

  3. Cool one...I keep saying g the problem of the world is sex. Take sex out of everything a d watch us live happily ever after...but another problem emerge
    .....extinction cos sex is for procreation lol

    1. Our problem is really sex oh.. Lloolll..
      Only married people are allowed to do the thing for procreation..

  4. Very educative... It is only wisdom that allows such beautiful message sink into many. It takes grace to heed to it, because we so often get carried away.
    I can only pray for grace to abound.
    Thanks Gabby for speaking again.

  5. SEX is the best thing any man could enjoy most in life...but it becomes a problem when it is been abused.

    My Lover's Trick

    1. Sex is beautiful, but the abuse of it has made it lose its beauty and glamour..

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