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So many times as humans we keep our struggles to ourselves, we try so hard to bury the past that we feel we just can't identify with. Sometimes it is not even the past, it is the present. 

You know what happens when the world is not looking. 
You know what goes on when you have no one around to look perfect for. 
I know the real me behind this keyboard, I know the pain even behind the smile. 

I didn't intend to write about this but I just found myself writing. So many times we shut our eyes and wish the feelings and memory of the past could just remain there and never resurface. So many times we try to move forward and we have this flash backs. We bottle them all up because we want people to see us as good Christians or maybe perfect people. 

The world greatest liars are leaders, see most of us lead the flock but are still having struggles within us.  Behind those doors we know those things we cry about, the sinful pleasure we wish would never resurface. The images of our abusive relationship, childhood or broken homes seem to flash before our eyes but we bottle them up. 

How do you even begin to tell the world you are struggling just like they are. 
Are you not supposed to write about your victories?
Are you not supposed to be giving them the 3 keys to this and that?   
5 steps to achieving the perfect Christian life, but here you are talking about your struggles. Will they even respect you, you ask yourself? How will you tell them you sometimes do the very things you wish you didn't do. 

So many of us go about with this mask all our lives and never allowing ourselves to really LIVE OUT LOUD.  We are afraid of being judged that we rather go deeper in our pain and destructive self image. We never want to admit we truly need help, we never want anyone to see us as weak, but aren't we all weak? 

Don't we all need help? 
Don't we all have struggles?
 Don't we all cry behind our perfect lives? 
Why do we then keep deceiving ourselves, killing ourselves slowly by not talking about them?
Why don't we all remove the mask and get strengths for our weaknesses. Why don't we all let go? 

The greatest pretenders are found amongst leaders and ministers of the Gospel. We know the Word, we know who we really are and we know who God sees us as. 

God has called us to be free not perfect, he has called us to shine our lights. 
How do you shine your light if you sometimes do not get burnt. 
When you get burnt, why don't you heal quickly and keep shining your light. Why don't you share your pains, thoughts and struggles. 
Why don't we share our present struggles and stop the pretence . 

This letter is to every one like myself who admit they are not perfect but are working everyday even though sometimes they fall. This letter is to everyone who is struggling with the mask, take it off. Speak out about your struggles, get help and healed while helping others. Your victory is sure. His grace is sufficient for you in all circumstances. 

You know you addictions, your weaknesses, your failures, your lack of dedication and commitment, your faithlessness and anger. Take off the mask, get judged and get help. 

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  1. Yyyyyyyaaaay.. AYam first to comment :)

    Wow!!! just Wow! Its official Ifeoma... This is one of my Top 3 posts of all July.. I mean Wow! How can 1 child know so much?! You do know ya just an Awesome someboRRy by default dont you?!

    Baby mi, through my 23 years 8 months and 9 days confused eyes yeah.. I think the truth is that: "NOBODY HAS IT PERFECT.." Not me.. Not you.. Noty my Oga drinking Coffee and watching YouTube outside... No one! But thats what makes us human.. Our perfection in Imperfection... Thats what gives us a cause to wake up every morning to try and be better..

    Bae.. We all have our Fears.. Doubts, Regrets, Guilty pleasures.. Our Pains et al.. But then the good thing about life is that any where can be a starting point.. The good thing about life is that it is never too late to kuku try again.. To start again... i have a major fear in my heart of hearts.. One that troubles me.. But me! I haf kuku learnt to not fear it.. But ignore it.. cause listening to it will only make it stronger...

    Amazing this post is Ifeoma.. You have the wisdom of a goddess.. **drops on one knee and brings out Diamond Ring.. Wihh you kuku marry me biko?! heheheh I want our kids to have your brain hence be geniuses.. and the crowd goes.. Ooooooossssshheeey Turn uP! hehehe iKid.. Cheers Ify toh Sharo ju Razor blade lo.. this was really a ghen ghen read aswear.

    1. Hehehehe, Duru you always have a way to make me blush 100% of the time when I read your comments.
      Lollllooolllzz at your diamond ring oh, abeg bring it quickly, we will certainly make a great couple..

      Yes exactly we all have our struggles so why do some people go about thinking they are perfect, life is too short to worry to much jare. Am glad you had a ghen ghen read.

  2. @Duru.A Abeg no go there oooooooo,free ify jor but seriously she is just wonderful. Nice post ify,like you said we all have our own.......... . may God give us the grace to overcome

  3. Beautifully written. As we all examine ourselves we will find that, transparency will get us delivered, set free and brings to others the restoration needed to get to the next step of healing in our lives. Thanks for sharing such an open heart reading. I was truly inspired. Blessings to you always and please continue to, KEEP IT REAL! Until your next posting. Stay Encouraged. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Exactly, transparency will set us all free.. Am glad you were inspired.

  4. Almost everyone lives behind the mask of living a fake life. NOt only those who think they are perfect but also those who pretend to be too weak to achieve anything without seeking for help....Believe me, if everyone should live as they should, the world world be less interesting.

    For instance, if a musician who makes you happy is to transfer his personal live problem into his album I don't think you will have any reason to dance...

    Uthman Saheed's blog

    1. Nice analogy.. I need to think about this..

  5. It took me 2 days to read this post... A lot of it is a reflection of me, and more of me behind the mask.
    Gabby,this calls for self reflection.
    Thanks for sharing.



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