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There are certain habits that can hurt or are hurting our relationships. There is no perfect relationship without issues. Everybody has one fault or the other. These habits are dangerous and we neglect them most times, we keep doing them but they in turn harm our relationships.

 1. Refusing to forgive.
 No one is perfect we all have our weaknesses.  There is no perfect relationship and we are both imperfect people. We will hurt each other sometimes but the most important thing is that we forgive and move on from the hurt.  So many times we carry around the hurt that someone we love has done to us. It's important we forgive and love harder, love forgives.

 2. Jealousy.
 It is a great evil in relationships. Jealousy can destroy a perfect union, doubting your partner is disheartening. Jealousy is a huge sign of a bigger problem which is insecurity. Insecurity makes you doubt your love and devotion to one another. Avoid Jealousy as much as you can, your partner will always have admirers. Get to be friends with each other's friends and set healthy boundaries.

 3. Comparison.
 It is important you stop comparing your partners with your ex. If there are that so very good why are they not in your life presently. No two people are the same so move past the comparisons think of the way forward.  Appreciate what you have or who you are with.

 4. Forgetting your friends.
You know this happened to me once and it's not a good thing.  I have repented though. "Sorry to the friends I forgot". (The relationship didn't work though) . When you are in the first phase of love and you both are all lovey-dovey. Most of us tend to stop hanging out with our old friends who have been in our lives for a long time. We begin to spend so much time with Lee-boo that we forget we have friends who have been with us all the way.  When you do not have a social life outside being with your partner then its all shades of wrong.

 5. Lies.
Every relationship is supposed to be built on trust and truth. When you begin to tell white lies or say Yes when you should have said No. It can hurt your relationship greatly. Lies are dangerous and they are just like time bombs waiting to explode in your face hurting everything in its path.  It is unhealthy so please if you are ever in a serious tight corner and all you can do is lie, please don't say anything at all.  Better still do not allow yourself to be in such tight corner. Lies breed more lies.

 6. Always trying to improve your partner.
There are people who believe that their partners can never do anything right. They believe they need to make their partners become more like them.  Their is no such thing as a perfect person so we need to stop having unimaginable expectations.  Expecting characters and attitudes to change over night is never a good thing. Don't try so hard, just love so hard.

So friends what other habits do you think can wreck a relationship? Leave your comments below.

Don't forget to share. Xoxoxo

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  1. Like you said, there is no perfect relationship, neither are there perfect friends or partners. One bad habit that kills relationships is refusal to compliment each other. No matter the flaws of a person, there must be a thing that person does well; hese things should not be overlooked. Giving credit (not call credit o...lol) to your partner will encourage them to become better.

    Thanks Gabby for sharing those six points... I must say they are on point.

    1. Yes! Compliment is everything in a relationship. No matter how terrible a person is there is always something to compliment about them..

      Thanks Ugo

  2. You are right dear. Nice posy

  3. Most assuredly these points have ruined relationships. Why live in the past (comparing ur current partner with the former) when you can create a new present by treasuring your partner's qualities and encouraging them to maximize them and be a better person. I have learnt to Love like I wouldn't get a second chance at loving Le Boo.. thanks Gabby awesome post

    1. Hmmm nice one dubby. Its important you love someone like you won't have a chance to love them again..

  4. Dis write up is so on point...gabby may God continually strenghten u

  5. Thanks dear, please reply your email so you can claim your price..

  6. Great information to consider, while in a relationship or considerIng being in one.

    1. Yes it is something we should all consider..

  7. Really interesting thoughts indeed. Greetings!

  8. Nice tips to ponder on before embarking on a relationship. Well done dear

  9. Nice post Gabby! I've been married for 9 years now and I still need to read these reinforcers. Thank you and keep the great work pretty lady!!



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