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I saw this post written by one of my Facebook friends and I sought  his permission to share. 
Their story is so inspiring and its a lesson to encourage everyone never to give up on love.

Here is their love story :

I remember meeting HER!
Grace Philip

I remember approaching her for the first time back in 2007 as a second year student after trailing her for more than a semester without the required bible quotations to meet her with my intention because she was always in the company of respected Christian students then on campus. ME! I no be that “Brother Brother” type of person so I always move through my own fashioned
I remember giving her my seat in a bus to the town on that faithful day so I can get to talk to her.

I remember we walking almost 3km on that faithful day and I finally asked her to be my lover but she offered me friendship with promise of her love in time to come which I reluctantly agreed to because I needed more than friendship ‪#‎sharperly‬.

I remember becoming a better person and comrade in the struggle since meeting her so she will always be proud of her man.
I remember the tortuous path of our progress. The late nights waiting for her to do her academic works. Walking kms from f-hostel to my off campus apartment when the “Moroko” guys from the town are not willing to help me out with a ride. I remember that under the Sun and in the Rain we worked and walked so our friendship will become as Beautiful, inspiring and adorable as what we have.

I remember the night Policemen on patrol arrested me for late night. I was not with any book or school id and I also remember how I escaped that night.
I remember making her angry and she doing the same to me but at the end of every episode, we do apologised to ourselves.

I remember proposing to her last year on her birthday date and I remember how happy and joyful she was from the smiles on her face.
My people, I will remember that it took eight years for this Lover of Mine to become MyWife!

It’s been eight years of Sprains, strains, laughter, joy, ups, downs, denials, happiness, promise kept and in all, it has been eight years of progress in our lives.

12th December, 2015 is our most joyous and happy day so join us and be part of our happiest and joyous moment.

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  1. Wow. Anyone who believes its always smooth should have a rethink. But eventually it pays because you get refined during it all; and a better you is realised for your good and that of your partner.

  2. How sweet. Ómò, every good thing they say has got a good price. Gosh!
    All the best in marriage...congratulations!

    1. There is always a price to pay for ever good thing nothing good comes easy..

  3. Everthing we go through makes us a better person.

  4. Just thinking of how much this guy would have to cherish this lady to stick by her...plenty trekking back home no doubt after walking her safely to her side of school.

    Thanks for being real.
    God bless your home

    1. Amen dear friend, he told us the truth it was never an easy journey for them..

    2. Amen dear friend, he told us the truth it was never an easy journey for them..



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