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I fought  so many demons of "What if" to get to this point 
Its never too late to start over to rebuild the walls that are broken in your life.  You know sometimes those walls are battles in life you fought and won with scars.  Life is full of tests and challenges, why would we spend so much time brooding over a battle we fought last year.

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You might have come to a point in your life when you don't even trust yourself again, your not just sure you won't screw up again.  You are not certain if you will make the right choice or even make the right decision.  The battles you have never attempted to face might have been won but hey! You never even tried because deep down you felt you will fail.

Someone always tell me "Face your fears".  Sometimes the longest battles we fight are battles we fight with our own fears. We keep struggling with the WHAT IFS? and we completely forgot the I CANS?.  I remember reading a book to my kids in school its called  "JAN CAN". Jan was a young girl who always says "I CAN",  she could throw a party no matter how impromptu it was.  Jan can do just anything no matter how big it looked.  She would always say I CAN no matter the level of the task. The kids enjoyed the book and we curled out a slogan which is used often in my class "I CAN".  You can't tell how powerful you are until you try.

What is really the consequences for trying? you either fail or you win but because you have even tried you have won the first battle with yourself.  This week try as much as possible to rebuild the walls of trust. Try that scariest thing you thought you could never do. I am about to go on one of the scariest adventures in my life.  I will be vlogging and blogging about it on my YouTube channel and here so you need to stay subscribed.  Just try that thing and I will be waiting for your testimonies,  am just an email away: gabbyspeaks @gmail.com. Stay blessed.

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  1. Fear is a negative cocoon; we stay in the dark shielding ourselves from the beautiful and free sunlight.

  2. Ah! See me see free Airtime oh! adolph4all@gmail.com.. **Drops on Knees and Prays Duru wins :)

  3. Okay Nne.. Thing about life is that We never know.. We just never know.. We never know how Far we can fly until we spread our wings to fly.. We never know What we can do.. What we can achieve.. At what we can thrive.. We. just. never. know. GOD taught me something earlier this year.. and the lesson goes thus "I dont care if I succeed or fail.. I only care if I do or I don't"

    Life is too short to leave it with boundaries Gabby.. Spread your wings and fly.. Why?! Cause we live in a life without Limits :) Plus hey! So what if you fail?! You will only get beRRa at whatever it is. Plus failure or Success.. Its all in the mind..

    You do know ya a very smart child dont you?! Ehen that reminds me eh! I said i was gonna come and goan tell you.. I met a blogger.. You guys have the same names.. and you both were born on the same EXACT day.. her URL is www.gabychronicles.blogspot.com.ng tell me about coincidence yeah...and i will tell you about fate.. :) Cheers.

  4. My greatest fear was my mother in law she gave me a very tough thing
    Thereks nothing I will not that will please her or make her happy everything I do or say is bad and wrong but today after her other sons gone married and and their never allow her to step her feet into their house
    Now am her best daugther in law

  5. My greatest fear use to be my mother in law there's nothing I will do to please but she still don't like me...but now her sons are married and their wives never accept her into their house...but now am her best daugther in law...

  6. Hey!!! Where are you nah?! This is so not fair oh :( Dont be Ghosting us nah. **Crying in Greek..



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