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I had a family.. 
Remove head dressing for the executive director/ manager/writer /producer of the blog, she has been on an adventure for three weeks and now she is back. Lollll. I told you guys in the last post that I was going on a journey, had to encourage myself severally to go for it. I will explain now.

In my country Nigeria there is a scheme called the NYSC (NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS).  It is a compulsory scheme for everyone who is a graduate from every higher Institute either in Nigeria or abroad. Its a one year program but there is a three weeks orientation program  before you start serving our nation. You are posted to any state in Nigeria to do this orientation program and also serve there  for a year.

For me I was posted to Yobe state(Northern Nigeria)  but was to camp in Bauchi because of the insurgency in Yobe. I couldn't just imagine myself in Bauchi state, I wanted badly to defer my service till the next batch but I was strongly advised to go for it. I knew I had to leave my job, my family, my friends, my blog and my space for three weeks and it was a struggle for me. I wanted badly to just abscond without reporting or even defer because I wasn't ready to let go of my precious moments.  Just the thought of it was painful.

The day I wrote that last post was the day i finally made up my mind to go. I had to do a quick shopping and got myself ready. I prayed so much that God should favour me even in an unpleasant situation like this and he did. Bauchi was the last place on the planet I ever dreamt of visiting. I asked myself severally if i was making the right decision by going. I encouraged myself severally trusting God totally to take charge.

I arrived bauchi hoping not to enjoy it, hoping to have the worst three weeks of my life but I had the opposite. My God, my I miss everything in the camp, I miss my family the OBS crew. I felt like staying back in Yobe state because I had a family that was created in three weeks. Though it was extremely cold and tough at a point am glad I went.

Yobe state is seen as a dangerous place because of the Boko Haram activities going on there.  According to people who live in Yobe state its a peaceful place now. Most of us including myself redeployed back to places of our choice except Abuja and Lagos. Some people stayed back especially those who God has called on a mission to Yobe state.

I documented my stay in Bauchi so will be uploading the video on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe people. I have a filled up Saturday and I will definitely have fun. Have fun too.

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  1. Hhhhmmmmm! Finally otondo is back from the wilderness, welcome back dear. Well am glad you redeployed and by the way, thanks for sharing with us

  2. Wow! Welcome back otondo copper....Its nice to know you actually had a nice camping experience. Its fun you traveled out of your comfort zone to serve your father land. Welcome dear



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