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I was wondering how this last year has been for me and all I can say is that I have had 365 days of testimonies. God has been too good to me and all I can say is GLORY!!!!!

The year had its ups and downs, I had challenges but he gave me all round victories. I wrote down very few goals I wanted to achieve in the year but he showed me that I was limiting him by thinking  little. He did great and mighty things for me, I am so full of testimonies. He is indeed a great God.

Where do I really start from: he gave me health, he gave me peace, he granted me favour everyday, he gave me his love and his abundant mercies.
Honestly guys I don't know if writing goals for the year is kind of cool because I feel I made God look so little he is indeed a mighty man of Valor. By the help of the Holyspirit, I have been able to achieve more than I wrote down. Writing my goals down put a lot of pressure on me to achieve more by my own but when I looked away from them and looked up to God I achieved more. There are so many things I didn't write down in my goal for the year but I was able to achieve them.

I have henceforth decided to write down visions given to me from heaven with a heavenly mandate. I want to be more about his will and less of me.
2015 was an awesome year for me I did a little video of what  I learnt in one year during my birthday so you can see all that in the video below.

Am filled with gratitude for all that God has done for me. 2015 was just beyond my imagination now this brought this scripture to mind " Unto him who is able to do immeasurably more than all I can ever ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within me". Only him can do all the wonderful things and I am overjoyed at his great mercies.

Am so grateful he brought awesome readers like you my way, so many times I felt like giving up but the thought of my great blog friends kept me strong. Am so grateful he did that which no man can do for me. Am so filled with thanks and praises to his name. All I can say is HALLELUYAH FATHER.

Happy newyear my beautiful people..

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  1. Hello and have a wonderful year ahead, best wishes!

  2. All thanks to God all the way.

    Cheers dear!
    He is here already... Glory!

    Happy New Year dear.

    Egwumba’s Blog

    1. Wish you the same dear.. Its not easy having 365 days of testimonies..

    2. Wish you the same dear.. Its not easy having 365 days of testimonies..

  3. Yeah, we thank the Lord. When we look back we cannot but be filled with a heart of gratitude. Hallelujah.

    Happy new year

    1. Yes a heart of gratitude is all am filled with right now..



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