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Every human consciously and sub-consciously excercises their self-worth. Self-worth can be seen  as ones awareness of his /her value or worth, when relating with other people in their everyday life In the society at large. Although most folks are ignorant or should I say are carefree about how they are treated by others which maybe their colleagues at work, their other halves for those in relationships, friends and neighbours. Most times they get treated with contempt because they lack the very basic understanding of how their worth and how they ought to be treated.

               Am going to reveal to you on how to regain your self-worth for those that feel they have lost it or protect your self-worth for those who are yet to loose theirs.

1. Be friendly but do not appear weak – people who are perceived to be strict and tough are mostly respected and feared by a vast majority of people. So, most times they are not approached with non-sense or treated with contempt. Sometimes a soft hearted fellow has to put up his /her defense’s to prevent been seen as a weak fellow.

2. Do not please anyone at the expense of your well-being - kind-hearted folks are usually faced with situations where they would have to give away something of value to help someone in need, which maybe money or any other valuables. If pleasing someone would compromise your happiness or well-being, then you shouldn’t give. You wouldn’t want to grumble after giving out.

3. Avoid favours and gifts that make you indebted-favours and gifts are often at times unhealthy, especially if the aim is to make you remain indebted to someone. Such favours and gifts may make you to compromise your believes and standards. So avoid such favours and gifts if you want to preserve your integrity and self-worth.

4. Let your presence or absence be impactful- don’t be overly quite like a dummy in any social gathering or group, am not saying you should be a nuisance. Your opinions should be heard, your thoughts voiced. Be someone that has to be consulted before a particular plan of action is executed in any gathering or group you find yourself. Also do not evade your financial obligations in a group or gathering, always ensure to contribute your quota. This would increase your value in the group, boost your self-confidence and your self-worth.

5. Thread carefully so as not to overstep your boundary – Relating with people is what we do on a daily basis, in your relationships with friends, neighbours, relatives and lovers,  you will need to be very sensitive and observant to know when you are overstepping your boundaries, although sometimes we interdepend on one another for help and assistance. Especially when paying frequent visits and demanding from friends, you need to be sensitive to know when your visits are becoming frequent. Create artificial scarcity, although most people would say that “no man is an island”. The truth still remains that regulating your visits and demands from friends,relatives,lovers and neighbours would keep your self- worth intact and protect your pride, let them ask for your visitation and gifts you without you  demanding or asking.

6. Be courteous and unyielding – our everyday life requires us as humans to be cordial and friendly with people we meet on daily basis. As much as we are supposed to be courteous, you should not give any one the opportunity to take advantage of that to manipulate you, into doing something you detest for their own personal gains. Learn to strongly object when you need to say no to such a person without been rude. That single action would send a signal to that person that your friendly nature shouldn’t be misinterpreted as stupidity.

7. Do not treat anyone special who doesn’t see you as been special – most times a lot of people suffer from insecurities and inferiority complex, they always feel the need to treat others as if they are better off than them in social hierarchy. Do not give anyone the opportunity to feel they are more better than you are, that is going to make them treat you with disdain. You are special to someone who values you; you are a king or a queen in your own world. “Don’t make any one a priority when they make you an option”. Adopt this mentality and you will see how people would react differently than they used to treat you.
With the above listed points issues of self-worth can be addressed when strongly

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