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Scripture for today

Colossians 3:8
But now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.(NIV)

One day a lady in a brand new Volvo had been driving round a crowded car park, had finally found a spot and was just about to back into it when a young P plater in a hotted up Torana whizzed into the spot before her. As the Torana driver got out of his car and was walking away the lady in the Volvo called out “I found that spot first. What gives you the right to push in and take it?” The young man laughed and said “Because I’m young and quick” and kept on walking. All of sudden he heard the hideous sound of a car being heartily smashed. He turned around to see the lady in the Volvo repeatedly ramming her car into his. She caught his eye and said “That’s because I’m old and rich!”

The root of anger can run so deep within us that we will rarely know its there until it is triggered. Anger is like a bitter venom which we all hate to admit but it runs in most of us, even as believers. You know I used to be someone who had this fierce temper, I used my fist at some point as a child. After been flogged by my parents and was told never to fight again I resulted to using my words. "Well!, if I can't use my fist I can use my words". I didn't know words hurt too.

So it is with so many of us as singles, we talk a lot of trash when we are angry, some of us act out like the old lady. A lot of people are watching to see the manifestation of the fruits we claim to possess. It could soil our testimony. We need to get rid of this sin that consistently works in us. I realized that the more acquitted with the word of God we get, the more our fellowship with him which will in turn changes our character.

We need to rid ourselves of this old nature which belongs to the fallen man. Let the word of God renew you everyday!

Prayer: Father, help me get rid of this old nature of sin.

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  1. WOW... was blessed by this devotion on Anger today. Could you do some post on Anger management sometime soon... thanks Gabby and I love what you doing. keep it up and trust God your word would get you to lime light

  2. While anger is a loud killer, it is good to depend totally on God for grace to overcome.
    I was blessed really. A question Gabby, we all get anger at different things, is it wisdom to suppress it and not talk about it?



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