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I recently read a story of a woman who was dead in her apartment for 3 years and no one knew. Her TV was still on when her body was found in fact she was found on the couch right in front of the TV.

It really got me so emotional and I just wanted to know more about the story. I just couldn't answer all the questions that were running through my mind.

How did it happen?
How was she not looked for?
No one even bothered to call her?
What kind of relationships did she keep?
No one was there to be with her except her TV screen. She got rotten,even neighbours never noticed it. What a world!!!!

I don't really want to go into details but you can read the story here.
I just woke up to the realization that it could be me or anybody. So I got some lessons from her story here

 1. Family is family no matter how horrible they are. The truth is as young people who want to set out on their own we find it so hard to even call home. We care about no other person except ourselves, we live in the moment. When last did you call a family member?

 2. Have friends that care even if its just one. Some tell us never to trust anyone but really life is not created to be fair. We need co warriors in our battles in life. Allow some people in don't shut everyone out and believe you can be independent in your struggle. We all need each other. When last did you open up about your struggle to someone? When last did you have a shoulder to cry on when you needed help?

 3. Tolerate peoples weaknesses. It can be one of the most difficult things you do, but we all have weaknesses. Tolerate people forgive and move on. Its a new year kindly make a decision to be kind to family and friends by tolerating them.

 4. Don't be self absorbed. Truth is in our generation where we have a lot of quick fixes, we are more interested in ourselves and selfish. We live our lives daily to impress other people. We want perfect hair,clothes, shoes and even perfect phones to impress other social media contacts.

 5. Learn to reach out to people don't let pride get in the way. We all need to know people care for us even when we act like we don't care. No matter how busy you get learn to be shoulder for someone to lean on once in a while. Change peoples stories the little way you can. When last did you care so much as to help someone fix something?

We are void of interpersonal relationships but have great relationships with our phones and our televisions. When last did you hang out with friends and had a real conversation without your phone?

The first thing that came to my mind after reading the story was "THIS COULD BE ME IF I GO ON THIS WAY". Yes it could be anyone if we go on this way.

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  1. This is the unfortunate reality we now live in. Busy people every where, looking for money they don't need to please people who don't really care if they exist. Family is always family; no matter how they come.

    1. Yeah, family can be crazy but we have no choice than to keep loving them..

  2. Stories like this are like modern tragedies and probably the ultimate fear for every "spinster".

    I haven't had the most conventional childhood and constant moving and family discord has made it difficult to maintain close relationships with family and friends. I'm glad I've recognized this isn't the healthiest way to live and I'm taking steps to meet new people and hopefully build some friendships.

    Luckily, in an increasingly online culture things like Meetup.com have been created for people to get offline, venture out and bring people together who may have stuff in common.

    Thank you for writing a post about the issue and providing tips to help people maintain existing relationships.

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

    1. Am glad you are making steps to meet more people and maintain existing relationships. Am happy I could help..

  3. Nicely done Gabby. Its quite easy to want to hold on to independence and let self absorption gunk our eyes. Truth is, only humans can show care well enough to help us, even when it seem we can't be trusted

    1. Yeah, only humans can care enough to help us. Thanks

  4. we are talking about 3 Christmas.. She must be a invisible to get noticed.. but tragic and weird ... what a kind and caring neighbours that minds their business for three (3)years..

    1. Yeah, I guess 3 Christmases was just all it took for someone to look for her. Sad indeed!!!

  5. OMG sad story but great lessons in there. Thanks for sharing.

    Please visit

    1. You're welcome Gloria, thanks for stopping by.

  6. Family where love starts and ever end. A Lot of lessons to learn from this story

  7. This is so so so touching. Hmmmmmmmnnnn.... We need to buid quality relationships. Not just for when we die unnoticed lol. But at least, to have a home in many hearts.



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