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Hello friends I miss me on my blog and you know you all miss me too. Chai! Life is in phases. I post mostly devotionals these days and I miss having enough time to spend with my lovely blog family. See ehen, you all should not be angry its just that I switched jobs late last year and I am doing it together with NYSC so you can imagine the combination.

Am not complaining at all I feel blessed at this point but I miss spending enough time here. I know now am single is the time to start doing all I have been led by God to do. I have been procrastinating sharing the events in my life with you all though I do that in the devotionals but I really want you all to know what I am up to.

 2016  is a year of obedience for me. Towards the end of last year, I went for a set apart at Alone with God Camp in Abuja . I really wanted some time alone with God to just be me with him. It was a wonderful time and I really can't wait to go back there I hope the next time I go with some sisters. I asked God his word for me this year and he said "2016 is your year of obedience".

Honestly, the daily love letters was born at that camp ground. He told me earlier in October 2015 but I got so scared about how I was going to be able to cope up. The thought of my busy schedule made me feel that the message wasn't for me.  At the camp ground, God made it clearer and reminded me that 2016 is my year of Obedience. He helped me figure out how I was going to cope up and he has been faithful. He has linked me with destiny helpers who have the same burning desire for Jesus. Some days when I can't write Dubby is always there to support. Thanks Dubby, don't worry we will share our testimony soon.

Early this year, I had to leave my unit in church, was serving at the media unit in church. The very first day I stepped my foot to work there I knew that wasn't where I belonged. God made it clear to me severally to leave but I had my reasons for staying back. I can't imagine how much time I was wasting working in disobedience. Truly, I ate the fruit of disobedience and it wasn't a pleasant one. Since I made the decision to obey God I have seen him work wonders for me.

I have not yet been able to figure out the unit I should go into next but I believe he has it all figured out. Since then, my work with God has been different, I just can't explain it all.

So I was supposed to start bible school this year. Hmmm!! I attended my induction but I had to drop out. (Don't think am a quitter) Bible School is a lot of work and commitment. I know my job wouldn't give me enough time to do it. So I believe its not yet time. God makes all thing beautiful in his time. So for now I will just concentrate on my personal study time with Jesus and grow from there.

So on a blessed day, I was trying my hands around google and all of a sudden I decided to try googling how to create an app without coding and BAM!!!! I created an android app for GABBYSPEAKS. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I had mixed feelings should I be happy or skeptical all the same am glad I did. Will upload it to google play store once naira falls against the dollar. So you don't need to go to your browser just click on the app and you have GABBYSPEAKS page GBAM!!!!.

Click here to download the app: 

So we are planning a singles event in the month of March, we are still on logistics and all. Will let you all know once we finalise all arrangements. The event will hold in Abuja and you all need to be there it will explosive by the grace of God.

I have more gist for you guys but those ones will come later.

So how have you all been, what's happening with my loves.

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