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Scripture for today

 The Message Ecclesiastes 2:18-19 And I hated everything I'd accomplished and accumulated on this earth. I can't take it with me—no, I have to leave it to whoever comes after me. Whether they're worthy or worthless—and who's to tell?—they'll take over the earthly results of my intense thinking and hard work. Smoke.

These are Lessons I learnt as a teenager and in my early 20s, am in my mid twenties now. I look back and I really know I have learnt a great deal over the years. I want to share them as brief as possible. 

 1. God is super crazy about you. 
 2. You are simply the best. 
 3. Never make promises you can't keep. 
 4. Mind your business. 
 5. Your friends will certainly change and it's OK. You will part from some people and meet new people. 
 6. I love you means you are willing to be vulnerable. 
 7. When you find love, embrace it! don't run away. 
 8. There is something special about everybody. Everyone is important. Treat every one with respect. 
 9. You are not alone, God is always there with you. 
10. They are not called mistakes, they are lessons. 
11. You will keep taking these lessons until you pass. 
12. If you feel neglected in a place or very uninvited don't be afraid to leave. 
13. Don't wait for opportunities to come up, create doors to them and knock really hard. 
14. Your heart will be broken over and over again. It's a universal feeling, it just means you have the ability to love. It won't kill you. 
15. Depend on the Holy Spirit. 
16. Pray about everything. 
17. Obey the leading of the Holy spirit. 
18. It's very okay to cry. 
19. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. 
20. People who judge you or criticize you are talking from a singular point of view, don't judge your self by that. 
21. Know who you are. 
22. Be yourself at all times, someone is watching you closely. 
23. You are not too young to be great. 
24. Don't let anyone tell you how you can't achieve your dreams even yourself. 
25. Don't always hide from your problems. 
26. Confront issues sometimes. 
27. Don't let the devil have the final say. 
28. Worry won't take you anywhere. Love the Lord enough to trust him. 
29. God is love, no one who doesn't love God can love you appropriately. 
30. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. 
31. Be optimistic. 
32. Write your dreams down, speak them daily. 
33. The second best time to start something is today. 
34. Improve yourself all the time. 
35. Be teachable. 
36. Be a blessing to one person everyday. 
37. Be a person of impact so much that people miss you when you aren't around. 
38. Honor your parents. 
39. Your body isn't yours you are bought with a high price. 
40. Don't regret the choices you have made, they are lessons. 
41. Embrace your singleness. 
42. Break away from people who want to control your entire life. 
43. You deserve the best because you are simply God's favorite. 
44. Grace is all you need. It's not by power. 
45. Read more, spend less time in front of the TV. 
46. Do your best, it's okay to fail. 
47. The more you fail the more experienced you get. 
48. If you want to be great, do what others aren't willing to do. 
49. Don't fall into status quo, change it! 
50. Change is constant, don't settle! 

So lovelies, what lessons have you learnt in your younger years. 

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