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Running a master's program in an institution 3 hours distance from their location and topping it up with a private organization job wasn't funny for Slyvia but Tony's support helped to cushion her stress.
It was one of those nights when Slyvia got home tired after the long journey and stress at the university. She gratefully ate up the special meal Tony had prepared for her; wasn't he really sweet? and he also listened patiently to her long tale of the day's event.
She finally took a shower, was tucked up in bed, ready to drift off to dreamland. Tony was taking his bath and singing in his usual, "horrible" voice. She laughed to herself.
Tony's non-stop message tone came on and gave her no peace. "Network messages, am sure" She thought to herself as she reluctantly dragged the phone from the far end of the bed.
Her eyes widened and sudden cold chills ran down her body; "What?!!" It was a message from a lady, Beauty:- I REALLY ENJOYED MYSELF TODAY AS ALWAYS. THANKS FOR TONIGHT ALSO. GOOD NIGHT. SWEET DREAMS.
She quickly checked for previous messages and chats; there was nothing. Then his call log; Obviously, Beauty was on his recent daily contacts; the last one was 7pm this evening. Not long before he got back home. The bathroom door opens.
She drops the phone quickly and covers herself up trying to digest what she saw. "Could Tony be........ CHEATING? Oh my God!" Sleep had suddenly escaped from her eyes.

The days that followed became very distracted for Slyvia. One of suspicions and looking for loopholes.She needed answers. She needed to see this; Beauty atleast, face to face. Did they work together at his office? She didn't even know how to ask him. She felt sick inside; she couldn't function properly. Her nights were long, sleepless and full of thoughts. Tony noticed and inquired; Her answer was "nothing".
It killed her daily to check his phone consistently and see Beauty on his contact log. Worse of all, oneday his phone rang at the dinning table; it was her. He silenced it and ignored it. Tony never ignored calls except there was SOMETHING! Then, he typed a quick message which he had deleted before she could get hold of the phone. Did he know she was suspicious?
She even paid him a sudden visit at work oneday, hoping to catch him red-handed; Too bad, they were in a closed door meeting. So nothing!Everything, every comment, every step, every outing, every phone beep, every lady he waved at became suspicious. She couldn't seem to trust his heavy traffic! Over-time work! Is it true that all men cheat? Even the ones that seem to fear God? They keep a faithful wife at home as a trophy and flirt outside? Those times he would claim he forgot his ring at home; he must have deliberately left it. It all made sense now.
Oneday, a co-worker visited Tony and they stood at the balcony discussing while she eavesdropped; The man joked about something like " Tony's office girlfriend " and Tony just laughed. Seriously?!! His affair was not even a secret at the office.

Tony's office soon had a party to celebrate their achievements; he explained it was strictly for the staff. She found it hard to believe. It started in the evening and would finish late. Those hours were long and painful for her, trying to figure out who he was flirting with over there. On getting home; after he had dozed off tiredly. She checked his phone as usual; The pictures of the party was definitely there; and there was this lady who appeared everywhere. "This must be the witch and husband snatcher clinging to my man" Slyvia hissed in disgust.
Sylvia's rage increased; Sincerely, That lady in the picture was "beautiful", wonderful body figure! and she looked really hot! Worse of all, a co-worker! She suddenly felt ugly and out of place. He looked very happy in the pictures. She wasn't going to let them toy with her. She knew her self-worth! "Tony cannot treat me like this. Trample on my love like this".
Then, the last straw; He took a one week's trip on an official assignment; He communicated with Sylvia through short messages saying he was very busy in the day and too tired at night. Slyvia called him very early one morning, at about 5am, using a new number; It was a woman's voice at the other end of the line. How come? At this hour? She quickly cut the call. Her fear was confirmed. Slyvia almost fainted. Was he on a vacation on this supposed official assignment?.....
He decieved her........
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