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 Slyvia spins in front of the mirror; in her beautifully designed wedding gown. Her face radiant and glowing. The door flings open as her friend, Onome steps into the room.
"So what do you think?" Slyvia asked, smiling sheepishly.
"What do I think?... Girl! You look gorgeous; simply out of this world". Onome replied, smiling too.
"Thanks! I can't believe this is finally happening; am getting married!" Slyvia said.
"You better believe it! I envy you right now".
"I envy myself too" Slyvia said playfully. They laughed.
"The fashion designer did a splendid job. Tony will be stunned when he sees you on the D-day."
"I'll just melt. It's a month away, Onome. I have played the scenario over and over again in my head" Slyvia replied, really excited.
"You deserve to be happy, my dear. Am sure Tony will always make you happy. He is a nice man". Onome said, while admiring the gown.
" I know! That's why I've hooked him for life" Slyvia answered playfully again. They laughed.
"Hooked right?" Onome said again still laughing. "Just put on your shoes, let me see"
"Yeah, okay! Slyvia replied..


Slyvia's phone beeps; its her message tone. A smile plays across her face. It's a message from Tony:- I AM CAUGHT UP IN HEAVY TRAFFIC, I WILL SOON BE HOME. I LOVE YOU.
She quickly replies:- OKAY! LOVE YOU TOO.

She falls flat on the bed. Her mind drifting back and forth. It's the early days of their marital life. Truth be told; it has been an awesome start. Better than expected. What would life be like if she hadn't married Tony? Obviously, empty! Their love grew daily. It was like yesterday when they took their vows at the altar. The smiles, laughter, tears of joy! Tony's glittering eyes as he looked at her in her wedding gown. The honeymoon to spice everything up. Wow!
Tony was just the perfect man for her. She was definitely his missing rib. They connected on so many levels. Handsome, understanding, caring, hardworking, purpose-driven, very loving and God fearing; that's an asset to come by this days. All wrapped up in one.
Growing up for Slyvia wasn't all rosy; she had her fair share of challenges. Lost her mum during her early teen years. Coped with a step-mum; and afterwards, 2 step-siblings asides the normal daily issues life throws at a growing young lady.
What about her relationship with the opposite sex? Was definitely out of bounds for her before her Prince charming, Tony stepped into the picture. "She couldn't seem to find any man fit enough for her"; at least that's what she tells Onome anytime the issue came up. But Tony? He definitely swept her off her feet. How he did it? She didn't know but she loved it.
The door bell rings; bringing her back to reality." That must be my Tony" She jumps up quickly and heads straight to the front door...

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