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Have you  ever been in the shoes of that girl you called worthless?  I mean the one you said is a prostitute because she slept with your friends and doesn't have any issue doing same with you.

Have you ever been in the shoes of that guy that stole your wallet, yes! The one that picked it up in Berger! Yes we can't even be in the shoes of that singles mom of 3 who is still pregnant for the 4th one now. Call her all sought of names!! I think she deserves it right, that what you just said!!

Truth is we can't always control the choices people make, neither can we control the out come of their choices. One thing we can control is certainly how judgemental we are of them. A lot of people out there are already having all forms of struggles already, our harsh judgement only makes it worse.

I remember the story of this famous prostitute who felt all eyes on her as she was caught in the very act of adultery. As in she was caught red handed. They dragged her on the street, she could feel all the stones that her once fresh flesh brushed against.

The physical pain she felt was nothing compared to the internal pain she felt on the inside. Yes, she choose a low life, a life that is demeaning and worthless but she once used to have a big dream as a child. How did she get here?
 How will she even get out now because her accusers even used to patronize her, she could still remember the groaning of the other one on her just last night. He was the one with the biggest stone, ready to cast the first stone.

Crowds have gathered,cheering and yelling at her. suddenly they stopped, she knew it was time for her to be stoned. .

Then she looked around her and saw her accusers fierce eyes and hands with huge stones in them. But one was different, he looked at her differently. He had mercy in his eyes, there was something about him she didn't see amongst the others. He said something to them and suddenly they dropped their stones and walked away. She was saved by this man with the merciful eyes.

Let's look at each other with a little bit more mercy. I know I have not been as merciful as I am supposed to. If you were in the shoes of so many people you have judged rashly maybe just maybe you won't judge you. So many of us have made choices we are not proud of maybe we got luck and got out early. Some of us just continue in our circle of bad choices and have life long consequences. That doesn't make us any better. We are all saved by grace remember, never by our beautiful or perfect choices.

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