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I will be wrong if I say I have no childhood memories. I remember my childhood and I will always remember how much fun  I had. I was born in an average family. You have all the things you needed never what you want. I tried very hard today to remember why I never know how to ride a bicycle till date!!! Yes,I can't ride a bicycle, tried learning it in this old age of mine but it ain't warking!!!! So I gladly gif up!!! The reason is because my dad in his gracious wisdom never,I mean never! bought me one.  He could have bought  one if he wanted to but let me tell you his real reason for not getting us any bicycle, dolls or any of those fancy childhood toys.

He believes that books have more lasting effect on my life on the long run than toys. I believe he was right. Books are powerful. I remember borrowing books from my school library daily. I would always have a new story to read when I get home. I finished reading all books in our library in no time. Let me say this, I have always been a book junky kinda. (Right now I own more books in my phone, tab, laptop and even hard copy than any other material thing: I own a box full of books!!!) I visited the library from time to time and demanded for new books because I had read every book over and over again. The rule from my parents was "finish your book then go and play" as a lover of adventurous play,I would read as fast as I can so I can join the play outside. He made me value books, he forced them on me at first till its now a part of my life. I remember whenever I asked for the meaning of a word he would say, "search it out yourself .You have a dictionary!!"

 I was going through my dad's shelf when I found these books he gave me on my entrance to secondary school.

Sorry!! they are not just the normal kind of story books. I have lost some of them, some I lent people who never returned.. He started buying faith building books for me as early as he could.  I read these books as many times as possible. I must say it paid off

Dear parents, or future parents like myself. Let's build this culture of reading books into our children as early as we can. We are gradually training a generation of empty heads who chase after every screen. They know every cartoon character and never joke with TV time, they shred books and we say its OK! They don't know authors and don't care about illustrators. I remember my favorite publishing company was LANTERN. I always loved any of their stories. Leave your children with true lasting treasures, not just toys. When you give them books it opens up a great world of opportunities and possibility to them even when you are long gone.

If this post blessed you,share please!! Kizzeezz!!!!

What's the best gift your Father ever gave you?

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  1. Wow.. your reason for not knowing how to ride a bike is amazing. I wld gist you privately

    1. Lol, can't wait!!! Thanks for always stopping by.

  2. Lol.
    I can't ride a bike too. And like you I didn't have one growing up. It wasn't seen as a necessary to have. I attempted learning in my late teens for a shirt while and gave up.

    The best gift my dad gave me was fanning my reading appetite. It wasn't with books but with newspapers. I dad couldn't go without those. And he made me read each page he was done with.
    I hope to do better with my kids when it comes to reading and writing.

    1. Fathers have a great role to play in shaping our lives.. Thanks for stopping by..

  3. Glad to meet someone else who can't ride a bicycle. I read a lot too, still do, but it was of my own volition. Thanks for the advice to parents. Cheers!

  4. Your Dad is one of those men that saw the future.

    Well done Gabby.



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