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Dear Christian Single,

Once upon a time in my life I felt God didn't really care about the kind of guys I dated.  So one day, I  just met a cute guy who I thought stuck all the jelly cords in my heart(I don't even know what that means). I said yes and VA-VA-VOOM  a relationship started.

 Was I ready for that relationship? Was it a right relationship for me?

 hmm NO! I was really lonely and I wanted to have a boyfriend like every other person around me. They all seem to be living the life.  And I thought to myself, "God loves me as a daughter and is just too busy running things around the world to bother about who I date or not".

Maybe you are just like me too, or you just think who you date doesn't necessarily affect your faith or your life in general. I used to think so until 2 years after the relationship and I  was such a mess.  I was far gone from where the relationship met me. I was in dare need of a relationship with the Lord, my confidence was scattered and my self esteem was a total stranger to me.  

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Dear Christian Single, God cares about who you are friends with. He cares who you spend most of your time with. Remember, he loves you so much and whatever concerns you concerns him so much. He is a jealous lover who never wants anything that is not according to his ways take his place in your life.  You know sometimes we get to confused and frustrated in the waiting season. We might get to a point where we feel we should have done something about our single season a long time ago if he was really interested. Sometimes we rush out on our way and just pick the next available look-alike as a mate. God cares so much about your singleness, he cared about Adam's single state and he did something about it  (Genesis 2:20). Don't you know he would take care of your singleness too.

Dear Christian Single, let's listen when he asks us to walk away from that friendship or relationship, when all signs around us tells us it's time to move on. Can we just quietly obey and walk away?  No relationship or friendship is worth losing the most important relationship in your life for.  No person can do you like Jesus so if it's time to leave, we should just leave.

He is aware of all the little details in your life, he knows you feel alone sometimes and need a mate. He even says it everyday (Isaiah 34:16) He knows you need people around you and he is intentional about every situation he allows into your life. Sweetheart, can you hold on just a little longer? Can you please not rush into that relationship decision you know isn't Gods plan for you? Remember, what you compromised to have you will eventually loose!! This is a call and a plea from me. Hold on!  Be strong! God has the best things coming for you.

Gabby loves you so much too..

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  1. I love this write up so dearly. Most people are ignorant of this truth abt God,love and your relationship.



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