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Have ever been in a relationship where you thought you would change the person or make them know more about Jesus? Yes sweety, you are not alone!!  Once upon a time in my life, I felt I was the Jesus he needed to become a better man. My relationship was like an IEP plan. I felt I had it all planned out,  I would always take him to church and teach him the importance of prayers and pray tirelessly for him. This sounds funny now!! Did it work, Hell No!!  In a short while, I needed that IEP  plan desperately. I want you to consider these questions before you get into that relationship with that unbeliever who you feel will only know Christ better through your relationship with them.

 There are a lot of possibilities of people who get into such relationships and were able to win the unbeliever over.  It takes a special grace not to be exhausted in the process. Looking at the picture of those two Oxens one is down while one is up.  What if the one down never decides to stand up? Over time the standing oxen will feel the need to lower a little to be able to talk with the oxen on the floor.  There are some things I want you to consider before you get into that evangelical relationship.

 1. Who will guide all decisions you make in relationship? So who will we be consulting when we want to make important decisions. Jesus or who?

 2. What standards will be relationships be built on? What standards are you going to build the relationship on, what foundation will it be built on?  Jesus or who?

 3. If you are lead to stop an habit will they understand?

 4. Will they understand some kingdom principles like tithing and all?

 5. Will there be true intimacy, how will you achieve that?

 6. When they start coming to church with you, is it really because they love Jesus or because they want to make you happy?

 7. Will you have to compromise?

Permit me to say this,  If you aren't strong enough to resist the temptation of dating an unbeliever then you might not be strong enough to win him/her  over.

Allow yourself to be led by God's Spirit in everything you do and in every decision you make. I have heard stories of a believer and a non believer who started out dating but today they are both on fire for the Lord.  God's ways are certainly not our way.  It may have worked for those people but hear this you might not be able to stand the Spiritual exhaustion that comes with it.

What do you think about an evangelistic relationship, should we give it a trial, what are the consequences?

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